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Hobson & Choi #78: "Playing Chicken"

Hobson & Choi #78: "Playing Chicken"
After last week's knife fight, time to stop and have some chicken in the new chapter. Don't worry, there is also intrigue.

Also: it's the end of the month, I've been mostly ignoring the webserial in favour of the snazzy ebook edition, so if you fancy voting for a few chapters, it'd be pretty handy.

But if you really do only care about the books, there's the expected news about print copies coming up too. Blog post probably tomorrow morning.

The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf - Week One

So, it's been a week since The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf debuted on all major ebook platforms, and how has it been? Have I done anything other than check my sales stats? How good are those stats?

And, yes, the print edition is hovering steadily into existence - look, there's a picture of it off to the right next to a cup of coffee.

It's a strange experience, having work out there and in the hands of people other than me. You might be one of those readers, and if so, I hope you are enjoying it - considered doing a review somewhere?

If you're not yet a my-book owner, here's the original post with the buy links.

So, here are my observations, other happenings, a short video, a linked preview of the actual book and anything else I can squeeze in...

Hobson & Choi #77: "Knives Out"

Hobson & Choi #77: "Knives Out"
Blade-fight! The action outbreak continues as Hobson, the cinema manager and the Yellow Man have a wee bit of a face-off.

Yes, after all the book-plugging this week, it might be easy to forget we do actually have a webserial. But the seventy-seventh episode is up now and you can read it. In fact, we could use some votes on Jukepop, so do read it.

And then click here to buy the book, obviously.

OUT NOW IN EBOOK: The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf - Hobson & Choi: Case One

The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf is out in ebook!

This is the first volume in the Hobson & Choi series, a crime saga with a heavy twist of dark comedy. It shows how my two mismatched detectives begin bickering, whilst also solving their first murder. This involves Twitter, a wolf and food - loads of food, in fact.

I'll include the full blurb in the remainder of this post, but for those who have heard the H&C sales pitch a bunch of times, let's cut to the all-important buy-buttons. Hope you enjoy the book, I'm very proud of it, and if you do go for it, consider reviewing it somewhere, be it Amazon, other book-buying sites, the book's Goodreads page, your own blog, social media, or anywhere else which lets you have a book-opinion.

And remember, if you've read Case One on the H&C webserial already, there is an eight thousand word book-exclusive bonus story here to make it worth your while. Print book fans - that edition shouldn't be too far away now. Proof is en route for my approval.

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The Man Who Tweeted Plugs - Last Stop Before Publication Junction

The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf, my first effort in self-publishing books, emerges on Tuesday into the world of ereaders! The cover is off to the right, and if you want even more details, review opportunities and the like, this blog post has you covered.

But if you're interested in some project news, or in what sort of thing fills the days of a man when his book is on the verge of people-powered publishing, here's the latest update. Probably the last major one before releae day. Includes video content. Gasp. Best read on.

Hobson & Choi #76: "Stranger Danger"

Hobson & Choi #76: "Stranger Danger"

Chapter #76 up now on Jukepop! The current case finally turns violent! And who are these "strangers" anyway?

I must admit, I've probably somewhat neglected the old Jukepop H&C serial while I focus on the big exciting world of self-publishing. But it is still going and does still need reads/votes/love, so do give it a look if it's been a while.

Although, yes, if you want another self-pub sales pitch, there is one there. A longer, more substantial update will likely follow on the blog tomorrow. Thank you and goodnight.

The First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie - A Recommendation

Joe Abercrombie - First Law Trilogy

I am self-publishing a book soon, so will be talking about that quite a lot. You can see all the details of that venture here, but to mix things up, I thought I'd recommend someone else's books in this post.

To be specific: The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged and Last Argument of Kings, aka The First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. It's a fantasy trilogy, revolving around the politics, prejudices and (eventually) magic in a world not quite our own and it's really good. I was recommended it whilst in the midst of Thrones-fever, fancying something else in the fantasy arena, and it really hit the spot - smart, character driven action with the fantastical elements playing around the edges, sometimes screaming into the forefront.

So since those who started reading the A Song Of Ice And Fire series with the TV show are probably finishing soon, I figured I'd point this out as a next step.

The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf - Hobson & Choi: Case One! Cover! Blurb! Release date!

So. In the not-too-distant future, the first case of Hobson & Choi, my mismatched detective duo London crime series with a darkly comic tone, will be self-publishing. I have a nice cover, a sales blurb-type-thing, a new title, a release date, and I am about to declare all of those things.

Exciting stuff. Probably best to just get on with it. First up, then, is the real meat: cover and blurb time.

New Hobson & Choi story! Free to mailing list subscribers!

Hobson & Choi #74: "Agendas"

Want more Hobson & Choi? Fancy seeing the pair solve a whole unfaithful spouse case in a mere two thousand words?

Well, you're in luck, as I've just written Current Affair Commentary, a new short story in which that exact thing happens. And you can read it right now simply by subscribing to my mailing list and nowhere else. Just fill in the form below and you'll be sent the download link once you've confirmed your email.

If the form below isn't appearing for whatever technical reason, click on this link here to be taken to an unfailing full-page version.

Regardless, hope you enjoy the story. I think it's a nice little work, it's been a while since I did a short done-in-one and it was good to return.

Doin' HTML Till The Break Of Dawn - Technical Self-Publishing Time


I have been locked in my room at my tiny corner desk, working on the process of turning my upcoming self-published book into beautiful HTML. It has taken a long time. I can neither confirm nor deny that I was up at 4AM Thursday morning, listening to the birds tweeting outside (and, for once, not tweeting much myself) working on exciting tasks such as reinserting italics.

As you may gather from this nuts-and-bolts self-pub stuff, the day of the Hobson & Choi release is getting very close now. So close, in fact, that I may put the cover up next week, announce the title, blurb, maybe even a date. I'm 90% sure that will happen.

But for now, here's a blog post about the experience of processing a book into HTML. This is not a walkthrough, because there are plenty of those and I don't have sufficient advice to justify bringing another one into the world. The posts I used to guide me was this one by Guido Henkel, it's pretty comprehensive.

Hobson & Choi #74: "Agendas"

Hobson & Choi #74: "Agendas"

H&C #74 up now! Hobson takes on the executives and their suity power! Can he uncover the truth? Is there any truth?

Hard to say for sure. But only a week until the extra-sized 75th chapter, and there's going to be some stuff going down there. Prepare yourselves.

Not to mention: Hobson & Choi Book One self-publication is getting achingly close now. I am just finishing some stuff up. There will hopefully be a blog post later today, and a proper here's-the-details announcement next week.

If all goes to plan. And I don't knacker all my limbs playing squash later today.