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Comic story by me now buyable! "The Case Study" in The Gathering Noir!

So busy talking about the oft-mentioned Hobson & Choi books around here, I kinda missed the fact that my first comics work came out! This is a four-page story called The Case Study in The Gathering: Noir anthology from Grayhaven Comics. I'm moving noir desperation away from the mafia and on to a whole new group of men in suits - corporate executives.

If you want a print copy, they can be ordered directly from the Grayhaven website - no news on a digital edition yet, but I'll let you know if it happens.
I've seen the four pages and am pretty thrilled with how it came out. For a first attempt at actual fully-realised comic scripting, I seem to have put across my thoughts fairly well.

Of course, comics are a collaborative medium, so other people played a major role in that success - primarily excellent artist Patrick "Podge" Daly, who did a great job of interpreting the script into a proper comic, and Marc Lombardi who edited the whole anthology, lettered my individual story and generally made the whole process flow nicely. Thanks, guys. If/when I do comics again, I'd be delighted to see either of you involved.

I'll add a single-panel sample of Podge's art below, just because I think it deserves to be seen - if you like it, do pick up a copy.

Hobson & Choi Blog Tour - WEEK TWO

It's all over! Emotions were high, the pace was frantic, but the H&C Blog Tour is at an end. After two weeks of relentless H&C content written by myself and others, the whole damn enterprise is finally at an end. I thought I'd get the retrospective post out there, rather than squeezing it out in a few days, just so you can all feel like it's really over and move on.

So, what posts did come in our second week? Could there have been... a change in media format?