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Nick On The Radio - Me on Resonance FM talking H&C

Just a quick bulletin to flag something up - I was on the excellent Daniel Ruiz Tizon Is Available show on Resonance FM last night to talk about Hobson & Choi, plus my strange attachment to my first ever London houseshare.

Full details on Daniel's site - the show is also available on iTunes if you want to download it from the feed there. (It's the 26th Jan 2015 episode, obviously.)

And now, for an encore, I'll attempt to include an embedded version as well...

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available - 26th January 2015 by Resonance Fm on Mixcloud

Hobson & Choi Blog Tour - WEEK ONE

The first week of the Hobson & Choi Blog Tour has more or less happened! The good word of H&C spreads far and wide across half a dozen sites, with many more still to come!

In case you haven't had time to keep track of the latest tweets and so on, I thought I'd come back with a quick summary of what's happened in the last week. Not to mention, I wrote a few fun posts for this tour myself, and since subscribers to this website are meant to like that sort of thing, I figured it was worth calling attention to them. Also, there's an embedded giveaway at the bottom of this post (and most other blog tour stops), so do scroll down to win stuff!

Hobson & Choi Case Two - "Rush Jobs" - out now!

Today, my friends, the second H&C book goes forth into the world, where it hopes to be received with open arms and warm love. After meeting in the first book, John Hobson and Angelina Choi further explore the world they've found themselves in, and find it to be a strange, grim place.

So, here is a picture of the cover - for more details on the actual plot, go to the Hobson & Choi homepage, where you can also find links to buy a copy of Case One - The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf - for a newly super-cheap price.

For the new book, you can add it on Goodreads here if you so wish, and if you feel like leaving a review and/or rating there, on Amazon or on your own blog/social media, that would be pretty sweet of you. Continued growth plays a big part in helping me continue to get these out there.

Speaking of heading on out there, we're also doing the Hobson & Choi Blog Tour to coincide with the book launch - check out the details here if you want to follow along. If you follow me on Twitter, I'm sure the blog posts will also be retweeted there as they happen.

You can buy Rush Jobs in both print and digital from various venues using the rack of buttons below. I'll also be dropping off a few copies soon at the Big Green Bookshop, if you're a fan of buying things in person.

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Hobson & Choi Blog Tour!

Tomorrow, the second H&C book is released! To mark this occasion, and promote the series as a whole, Hobson & Choi is Going On Tour!

Well, on Blog Tour, organised by the excellent Faye Rogers - you can see even more tour details on her site.

Basically, a range of bookish and book-related blogs (see list to right) will be featuring Hobson & Choi in some capacity, one every day for two weeks. This will include a couple of interviews with me, some guest posts where I talk about H&C-related issues, reviews of the books by the bloggers themselves, a competition, possibly a couple of surprises too.

Once we're a few days into the tour, I might do a post here to point out the specifics, and I'll probably retweet the tour posts on my Twitter when they happen. I'll also keep updating the links below with the H&C-specific post on each blog when available. For now, if you just want to see the sites we will later feature upon, click away!

And don't forget to buy both the new book and the newly cheap first one too, obviously.

Blog Tour Route - Collect 'em all!
Monday 19th January
Rain On A Summer’s Afternoon - Interview with author (i.e. me).

Tuesday 20th January
Claire Rousseau - Review of both books.

Wednesday 21st January
Music, Books and Tea - Guest post by me about using the internet in fiction without killing drama.

Thursday 22nd January
Ya Yeah Yeah - My Influences: I list stuff that inspired/drove me towards Hobson & Choi

Friday 23rd January
A Daydreamer’s Thoughts - 10 Reasons To Read Hobson & Choi (not by me!)

Saturday 24th January
Tales of Yesterday - Review of both Hobson & Choi books.

Sunday 25th January
K-Books - Short author interview.

Monday 26th January
Nimbus Space - Review of H&C v2.

Tuesday 27th January
The Online Novel - Detailed guest post on H&C publication strategy.

Wednesday 28th January
Nyx Book Reviews - Fun guest post on the concept of "YA Crossover" and whether H&C is that.

Thursday 29th January
Winged Reviews - My Top Ten Book Series

Friday 30th January
Kirstyes - Character interviews! Hobson and Choi speak!

Saturday 31st January
The Book Moo - Impressively, Mel of The Book Moo has done video reviews of The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf and also Rush Jobs. Amazing stuff.

Sunday 1st February
Bookish Outsider - Review of both books!

Monday 2nd February
Pewter Wolf

Hobson & Choi - Case Two cover reveal! Case One price drop!

Now that the whole Christmas/New Year block is fading into distant memory, time to get on with the serious business of getting Rush Jobs launched out into the world - the second Hobson & Choi book in which a new age of gentrified crime starts to pile up around our heroes. The book comes out on Monday 19th January, which is a mere two weeks away! Yipe!

So, probably time I showed you the cover, created once more by the good folk at Design For Writers. I'll throw in the blurb again for good measure.

"Sometimes #crime feels like the Matrix. Or the #patriarchy or #porn. It's everywhere, even in people you trusted, and there's so MUCH of it.”
Angelina Choi returns for her second and final week of work experience at John Hobson’s detective agency, ready for anything after their first successful murder solve.
After all that online buzz, they’re in phenomenal demand. Can Hobson & Choi solve a kidnapping, play chicken with corporate crime, beat back gentrification, save a dog from drug dealers and head off violent backlash from their last case?
Or will grim revelations about Hobson’s past leave them floundering in the chaos?
Rush Jobs collects the second major storyline in the Hobson & Choi saga, #1 on Jukepop Serials and #2 in Dark Comedy on Amazon, adding brand new chapters and scenes to the case.
Also included: bonus story Infernal Accounting, exclusive to this book. An unfortunate accountant is terrified of his first day working for Rush Recruitment - but they’re only a temp agency, right? How bad can it be?

Launch Details

This time, thanks to better planning on my part, we should have the print and e-editions on sale on launch day. The same outlets as last time - Amazon for print, most popular e-shops for the digital edition. I'll also hopefully get copies in the Big Green Bookshop again, though that may take a tad longer.

As well as shoving the book on sale and tweeting about it, there's also a Hobson & Choi Blog Tour going on around the launch, starting on the 19th Jan and running for two weeks, spreading the word around the internet. So that'll be exciting.

If you want to register your interest in Rush Jobs, it is already up on Goodreads. If you want to be considered for a review copy, drop me an email. And if you've not read the first one yet, well...

The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf goes cheap!

Wolves do not go "cheep", I know that.

Anyway. To mark the upcoming release of book two, I've slashed the price of book one to give everyone a chance to catch up. It should be around a pound (or local equivalent, taking into account VAT, etc etc) on most e-vendors, so if you haven't read it, now seems a decent time.

If you already read the webserial and just want to check out the new extended back-up story in the book edition, this might help.

The print edition, I'm afraid, will not be going cheaper, as it's already down as far as I can really go. Sorry, paper-fans.

Anyway, here are some buy-buttons for the first book. Check it out, and then prepare yourself for the Rush Jobs experience, as we deepen the universe.

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