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New TV blogging: Game of Thrones! Him & Her!

Latest Game of Thrones review up on Dork Adore! Good is bad! Bad is good!

And as a small bonus, a brief Him & Her news piece went up yesterday on The Digital Fix.

New Film Review: Iron Man 3

Review of Iron Man 3 on Dork Adore! Yes, rare incursion into film reviewing.

And, if you allow me one quick appeal - Jukepop do an April chart thingy, I would like to place well in it, so if you fancy voting for some Hobson & Choi chapters, now would be an excellent time.

New TV blogging: Doctor Who review on Dork Adore

Latest Doctor Who review on Dork Adore! TARDIS interiors a-go-go!

Off to see Iron Man 3 soon - not sure if I'll review it anywhere or not, but should be fun.

New TV review: Doctor Who 7.2!

Halfway through, I look in on Doctor Who series 7.2 so far for The Digital Fix.

This may look like a productive day to you, but I'm fighting the need to nap.

#FridayFlash: "Lawnmower Man III"

This week's Friday Flash is not really a direct sequel to the terrible 90s virtual reality movies, but does involve a man and a lawnmower. It's also quite short, because I didn't think it needed to be longer.

As ever, more Friday Flash available at the Friday Flash website, and if you fancy voting for a few chapters of my comedy detective serial, this would be a very strategically advantageous time to do so. Cheers very much.

Hobson & Choi #11 - "The Dark Spoons"

The latest part of Hobson & Choi is up now! What dark corner of hell will our heroes descend into? What are... "The Dark Spoons"?

Hope you enjoy it - if you want more H&C, there's also some discussion of the serial on the latest EpiCast podcast - admittedly, they do catch me out on a typo, but they also seem keen on the story, which is nice.

And as ever, if you have time to vote for each chapter, that's always nice - a load of important stats are calculated at the end of each month, so if you'd not quite gotten round to voting, now is the time. Cheers.

World Book Night – The Evil Twin Of World Book Day, Surely?

World Book Night, of course, is the dark flip-side of World Book Day. During World Book Day, they charge money for small books, whereas on World Book Night they give away full-sized ones. If World Book Night were on a bad TV show, it would have a goatee beard.

Not that I’m complaining, of course – I went to my local World Book Night event and found the trolley of free books, conveniently parked outside the library – obviously, my free book was about a “Purveyor of Superior Funerals”, that’s exactly the grim subject matter I’d expect from the Dark Side. I would've stayed for the puppet show if scheduling had allowed.

(Yes, the puppet show. Hopefully involving Mister Punch tying people down and shoving books down their throat.)

New TV blogs: Broadchurch! Game of Thrones!

Today, my Monday night viewing in review form...

First up, it's Game of Thrones on Dork Adore. Funny AND violent!

And secondly, surprisingly hyped in the last few days:

The series finale of Broadchurch reviewed on Digital Fix. How was the ending to their mystery?

New TV blog: Doctor Who!

Time for this week's Doctor Who review on Dork Adore, and they're packing in the genres.

And the latest Hobson & Choi is also available, and has been for a few days, since I moved the release from Saturdays to Thursdays.

#fridayflash: "Bottomscraper"

Hi! This week, one man's awful adventures in London in the wee hours. This (or something like this) is an all too common occurrence in the modern age, and I think we all owe it to ourselves to spread awareness.

As ever, more Friday Flash work available at the Friday Flash Dot Org website, and in an exciting new development, the latest chapter of my Hobson & Choi serial went up yesterday, after I changed the release day to Thursdays.

Hobson & Choi #10 - "Day Two" - up now!

Hobson & Choi #10 - "Day Two"

Chapter ten of Hobson & Choi up now on Jukepop! It's day two of the investigation - can Choi impress the hot receptionist? Vote for us if you would be so kind!

New day of the investigation, new day of publication! Avid watchers of my postings may have noticed these usually go up on Saturdays, but that was leading to rush and fiddle, so the new regular H&C day is Thursday until further notice.

Also, the internet just seems busier during the week, so in my bid to make each new chapter seem like an event, this felt like a better bet.

In other serial news, we're now listed on Web Fiction Guide, you can rate or review us if the urge strikes, but if you want to do one thing to help, +voting on the Jukepop site is the best option. Ta very much.

New TV blogging: Heroes might return?

Real-life superhero fest Heroes might be returning! I have news and thoughts on The Digital Fix.

And another update fairly soon, as I am making a change to my weekly work release routine. Bet the suspense is killing you...

The Hunger Games Book To Movie – Adaptation Injuries

The Hunger Games - Filmy Edition

I saw the film adaptation of The Hunger Games over the weekend, having read the book six months ago. A very topical choice, as the publicity is just revving up for the November release of the second movie.

So, how was the adaptation? What interesting choices did they make? Did I enjoy it? All that and more! (Note on spoilers: there will be some.)

TV blogging: Game of Thrones! Broadchurch! Being Human epilogue!

Busy day of TV blogging to summarise...

First up, latest Game of Thrones review on Dork Adore, a surprisingly funny episode. Up to a point.

Elsewhere, back in rural England...

It's the penultimate Broadchurch on The Digital Fix! Revelations coming soon!

And a small bonus, the Being Human DVD bonus scene to clarify the series five ending has leaked out! Whole lotta TV there.

New TV review: Doctor Who on Dork Adore!

Latest Doctor Who review on Dork Adore! The Ice Warriors have come to stroke us to death!

But, you know, not in a naughty sex way. On an unrelated topic, nice weather we're having, isn't it? Maybe they saved the sun for the Who ice-based episode.

(Apologies to anyone outside the UK who is having horrible storms and rain.)

Hobson & Choi #9 - "Family Time" - Up now!

Hobson & Choi #9  - "Family Time"

Another week, another Hobson & Choi chapter goes up! This week: "Family Time", as our heroes face various awkward confrontations.

So that's up now on Jukepop, have a read and a vote if you have a second. Ta.

Oh, and you can still follow the serial on Facebook or Twitter if you want the latest updates, news, work in progress musings, etc.

#FridayFlash - "Don'wanna"

Another week, and this time, we're off to Subway. This one wrote itself, and is probably odd, but I was happy with the tone.

As ever, vote for Hobson & Choi and make me happy. New chapter coming tomorrow! More Friday Flashes on the Friday Flash site.

New TV blogging: Game of Thrones book differences thingy!

Since I've recently read the third book in A Song Of Ice And Fire, I run down five major book/TV differences I've spotted in Game of Thrones season 3 so far...

True facts. If I've missed any, let me know.

London Falling by Paul Cornell – Book Review

London Falling - Paul Cornell

Today’s book review is London Falling by Paul Cornell – a writer I already liked for his excellent Captain Britain And MI13 comics, as well as the Human Nature two-parter on Doctor Who, one of my favourite David Tennant episodes.

So I had expectations of London Falling, described in the authorial blurb as his “first urban fantasy novel”. It’s the beginning of a mooted Shadow Police series, introducing a team of enjoyably grounded police folk, who find themselves thrust into the messy world of supernatural evil lurking beneath the surface of the one they already knew.

New TV blogs: Game of Thrones and Broadchurch!

Two reviews today, both covering yesterday's TV...

First up, ITV mystery village drama Broadchurch on The Digital Fix.

And, more popularly for the geek audience...

A bumpy second episode for Game of Thrones on Dork Adore.

Hobson & Choi #8 - "Evening Plans"

Hobson & Choi - Chapter 8 - "Evening Plans"

Chapter eight of Hobson & Choi up now on Jukepop! Hobson goes on late night crime safari, whilst Choi gets lectured about bicycles!

I'm really getting into the swing of this now, thanks to everyone who's been voting, sharing or anything-else-ing. If you want more updates on the serial, there is also a new Facebook and Twitter presence. If nothing else, you'll be first to know when a chapter goes up.

New TV blogging: Doctor Who on Dork Adore

Review of last night's Doctor Who on Dork Adore! Can anyone stop the Power Of Leaf?

Latest Hobson & Choi chapter also available!

New TV blogging: Walking Dead finale on Dork Adore

Review of Walking Dead season 3 finale on Dork Adore!

Auto-posted on Friday night, but was busy yesterday so didn't get to plug it on social media. There you go.

#FridayFlash: "Drink More Water"

A short piece this week, as I've been preoccupied with other sundry bits, also catching up after the Easter break. Still happy enough with it, although it has a lot to live up to - last week's "Wake Me" had perhaps my best reception ever. To be fair, it was pretty good.

Whilst not writing a substantial Friday story, I have been establishing Facebook and Twitter presences for my ongoing web-series Hobson & Choi. So if you're enjoying that and would like a direct update for new chapters, as well as the occasional news or insight about it, give those a look. As ever, more Friday Flash stories available on the Friday Flash site.

New TV blogs: Game of Thrones! Broadchurch! Misfits!

Busy evening last night on the TV blogging, and here it all is...

Firstly, and perhaps most excitingly, I reviewed the return of Game of Thrones for Dork Adore.

Meanwhile, over on Digital Fix...

The latest review of ITV's village miseryfest Broadchurch.

Only a short piece, but I also did a short newsburst about E4 cancelling Misfits. Alas.

Hope you found something to your taste in that lot. I'm off to lie down.

New TV blogging: In The Flesh final thoughts!

Final review of In The Flesh on The Digital Fix. It was actually pretty good, y'know.

Seriously, give it a go. Also, pity me, there's so much telly on at the moment that I'm struggling to review it all. Some may have to fall by the wayside.

Hobson & Choi - Chapter 7: "Interviews"

Part Seven! Double figures beckon!
This week, Hobson & Choi meet the remaining Social Awesome employees, including their mysterious and evil-seeming owner. Two interviews, one chapter!

Basically, it was going to be two chapters, but I decided to speed things up a bit. So, this is own final week of meeting suspects, things start to accelerate downhill next time.

And, as ever, votes on the Jukepop site for all chapters always welcome. I finally hit 100 votes on Saturday, but that's no reason to give up. Imagine 200 votes!