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New TV blogging: Doctor Who review!

Review of last night's Doctor Who, as the Doc tries to make alien abduction seem acceptable!

And full declaration probably tomorrow, but the latest chapter of Hobosn & Choi is up now!

More TV blogging: Doctor Who return news for TDF!

Was only planning one bit of TV blogging today, but news on David Tennant and Billie Piper return to Doctor Who sent me back in there.

This should be it, I think.

New TV blogging: Walking Dead review on Dork Adore!

Review of the penultimate Walking Dead season 3 episode on Dork Adore.

Not long left then. Good job, as loads more geek-TV starts up this weekend.

#FridayFlash: "Wake Me"

This actually started as a nice Easter story about rebirth and stuff, although it seems to have changed since then. Never mind, at least it still has some mild science-fiction.

As ever, more Friday stories available on the FridayFlash website, and if you've enjoyed this piece, why not read my comedy-detective serial, which has a lot more jokes.

New TV blog: Walking Dead season 3 finale death guesses

I take a few stabs at who will die in this weekend's Walking Dead season 3 finale on The Digital Fix!

And if you want to be my 100th vote on Hobson & Choi, there's still time to head over there and go nuts. Only four to go!

New TV review: Parks & Recreation season 2 for The Digital Fix.

Parks & Recreation season 2 commences on BBC4 tonight, me reviews for The Digital Fix.

And for trivia fans, this is the 900th post on this site! Well done me!

New TV review: Broadchurch 1.04 on The Digital Fix!

Review of the latest episode of Broadchurch on The Digital Fix!

Back after the birthday break, and you'd really never know I'd been away. Well, except that I'm maybe reviewing Broadchurch a few hours later than usual, sorry about that.

New TV blogging: It's Kevin on The Digital Fix!

Piece on acclaimed BBC Two sketch series It's Kevin for The Digital Fix.

It may be my birthday, but the review schedule waits for no man. As before, birthday Hobson & Choi votes also welcome.

Hobson & Choi: Chapter 6 - "Social Awesome"

Hobson & Choi - Chapter six! Out now!

It's the start of the week, which means the latest episode of Hobson & Choi is up on Jukepop!

This week, our heroes venture into the dark world of professional social media and meet a range of new suspects. Hobson finds it all as annoying as you'd expect.

As ever, if you fancy logging in to vote for the new chapter (or indeed all six available chapters) on the Jukepop site, greatly appreciated. It's my birthday today, and six extra votes would be an ideal cheap substitute for a present or card. (Hint hint.)

New Vine video: Nibbles Hill

My birthday party was last night, there are still a few nibbles leftover...

New TV blogging: Walking Dead review time!

Latest Walking Dead review on Dork Adore! A whole hour in Woodbury!

Birthday weekend begins here! Although the difference for blog readers may not be immediately obvious, but the latest Hobson & Choi chapter will be going up shortly.

#FridayFlash: "Waterfall"

Another week, another story, and this week, it's time for some mild unpleasantness as I veer into the crime genre. I'll say no more.

As ever, you can see more Friday flash fiction on Friday Flash Dot Org, and if you want to vote for some Hobson & Choi chapters on Jukepop, I wouldn't personally complain much either. Cheers for reading, all.

New TV blog: Top 11 Matt Smith Doctor Who episodes!

My top eleven Matt Smith Doctor Who episodes on The Digital Fix!

Longer feature than usual, spent a fair while working out the order, so do give it a look and comment if you strongly agree/violently disagree.

A Storm Of Swords by George R.R. Martin – Untimely Thoughts

A Storm Of Swords - George R.R. Martin

Last week, I finished A Storm Of Swords, the third book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire series. Of course, these are among the most prominent fantasy books in existence right now, thanks to their TV adaptation Game of Thrones, so I doubt I’m alone there.

Having read the other two books after watching their screen equivalents, I thought I’d try this one the other way round. So, how was the experience? Has it affected my expectations of the upcoming series?

SPOILER WARNING: If you’re following the TV show, haven’t read the books and want to remain totally unspoiled for events beyond season two, best not read this.

New TV blogging: Broadchurch on The Digital Fix.

Another week in Broadchurch and we have our first suspect - did Daddy do it?

We're now in a bit of a TV gap before the massive returns of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, but don't worry, Broadchurch is still with us...

Hobson & Choi - Chapter 5 - "Inspiration Gestation Station"

Hobson & Choi - Five chapters deep, and still funny!

Fifth chapter of Hobson & Choi - "Inspiration Gestation Station" - up now on Jukepop! Hobson VS hipsters! Choi VS dirty old men! Click here to read! Log in and vote!

Because, y'know, you can vote once for each chapter, so if new people go on there now, swish through the entire story and vote for all five parts, I'd take quite a jump up in the rankings. Just a brief glimmer of my hopes and dreams there.

And in the meantime, I already have a draft for chapter six, so the story shall continue regardless. Votes always welcome, though, as are any comments and/or feedback you might have, either here, on the serial page at Jukepop or to my email address:

New TV blogging: The Office Revisited

The Office Revisited! New Brent videos posted and briefly reviewed on The Digital Fix.

I would normally have rolled this into one link-post with that last Walking Dead review, but I only decided to do it on a whim. Sorry for RSS spam.

New TV blogging: Walking Dead on Dork Adore

New Walking Dead review on Dork Adore!

Yeah, a lot of zombies on TV this weekend.

New TV blogging: In The Flesh preview

Today in TV blogging: a preview of new BBC Three zombie series In The Flesh!

And if you want to vote for Hobson & Choi today, that would take me over 60 before the end of the week. Wow.

#FridayFlash: Fall Of The Vampire

Time for some horror creatures this week! Maybe because Being Human has just finished, maybe I just felt like it.

As ever, see more Friday stories on the Friday Flash site.

New TV blogging: Game of Thrones season 2 DVD!

I examine the Game of Thrones season 2 DVD on The Digital Fix.

Season 3 starts Easter weekend, so imagine you'll hear a bit more about that show in the coming weeks.

Writing Environment II – Coffee Shop Cliché Man

The Talking Toys Are My Friends

Not even nine months ago, I did this post about my writing environment. Looking back on it now, I seem to have ditched my desk to live the writer-in-coffee-shop cliché. Damn.

But why can’t I work at home anymore? Where did it all go wrong? Isn't my home-made photo adorable? And how long can one man sit in a coffee shop before the staff punch him?

New TV blogging: Broadchurch!

New Broadchurch review on Digital Fix!

Another week in the rural ITV Killing fields with David Tennant...

New TV blogging: Being Human concludes!

As promised in the earlier post, last night's series finale means a lot of Being Human on the TV blogging...

First up, my regular review of Being Human's last ever episode on Dork Adore.

Secondly, and at more length...

On The Digital Fix today, a critical retrospective of the entire Being Human saga, up to and including the ending.

Hobson & Choi - Chapter 4: Dry Blood

Hobson & Choi - Chapter 4!

It's the start of the week, and that means only one thing: back to work! And also, new chapter of Hobson & Choi!

This week, Choi has gone to fetch a sandwich, so time to get into Hobson's head, and it's dark in there. Not to mention, the mystery advances, as Hobson does some crime scene investigation. Not like on CSI though, he'd hate that.

So, that's new Hobson & Choi chapter, up now on Jukepop Serials. You can now log into the Jukepop site with Facebook, rather than having to create an account, and if you're able to do so and vote for a few of my chapters, that'd be pretty awesome. I'm doing quite well for a new serial, but we still need to take that big leap to Massive Smash Hit.

Coming up shortly, all the Being Human finale blogging you could ever want.

New TV blogging: Walking Dead & Being Human!

A lot of the undead in my latest TV blogs...

Actually posted yesterday, but I forgot to link it: Being Human last episode ever spoiler-free preview on The Digital Fix!


A welcome ray of light as Walking Dead has a good review on Dork Adore.

#FridayFlash - "Placebo"

No, this isn't about the band Placebo - although, true story, their lead singer Brian Molko received a doctorate from Goldsmiths the same year as I got my MA. Sadly, I wasn't at his graduation.

Anyway, new Friday story below. If you wanna vote for Hobson & Choi on Jukepop today, you can now sign in with Facebook instead of needing to actually register there. True story.

On with the story. More available on the FridayFlash website if you so desire.

New TV review: Derek series 1!

After the end of Derek series 1 on Channel 4 last night, my thoughts on The Digital Fix.

And just FYI, if you wanted to vote for Hobson & Choi but couldn't be arsed with the Jukepop registration process, it looks like you can now log on to the site via Facebook.

New TV review: Parks & Recreation season 1 on The Digital Fix.

Parks and Recreation season 1 starts on UK TV tonight! I do a bit on it for The Digital Fix.

And yes, I'll look very behind the times to any US readers here, since they're up to season five, but yes, seriously. We're only getting it now.

New TV review: Broadchurch on The Digital Fix!

Review of ITV's Broadchurch on The Digital Fix! With David Tennant!

Yes, I watched some ITV drama. I did it because I'm a real critic and I care.

Plugging Stuff On Twitter – ENTER THE VORTEX


I’d already worried for a while about how much to plug my various writing endeavours on various social networks. Mostly Twitter, but others too. Recently, though, I started doing Hobson& Choi on Jukepop, and I’m telling you, I love doing it. Wanted to do something serialised ever since my comic-loving yoof.

But Jukepop operates on a competitive vote-up system, so to succeed, I need people to go vote for me. And I already felt I was pestering people to read my work quite a lot, so... is this too much? How much is too much? Is this much of a muchness? Let’s blog about it.

Hobson & Choi: Chapter 3 - "Doorstep Challenge" - Up now!

Hobson & Choi - Now on chapter three!

Third chapter of Hobson & Choi up now on Jukepop Serials!

See our detective heroes get out there and attempt some detecting! How close will Choi get to the blood and guts? How close will Hobson get to... the edge? Find out here!

As ever, you'll need an account on Jukepop to read chapter two and onwards. And once you have said account, if you're able to click the "+Vote Chapter" buttons on each one, it would help my world domination cause no end. Ta.

New TV review: Being Human!

Up now on Dork Adore, my review of the penultimate Being Human ever!

Oh yes. Not long to go now, and I am sad. Also, for avid fans, the third chapter of Hobson & Choi is already up on Jukepop, I just haven't had time to do a dedicated post yet.

New TV review: The Walking Dead on Dork Adore!

Latest Walking Dead review on Dork Adore! Am I finally growing tired of endless running, screaming and shambling?

It's a shame, this show was going really well for a while. Ah well. Yesterday's Friday story was decent if you fancy it.

#FridayFlash: "Flat Tyre"

Morning. Another week, another story, not much preamble here. If you have ten minutes to read and/or vote for Hobson & Choi, you win my love. Or, if you're not here for the writing really, I also did a video of some glasses being stacked in Pizza Express.

Anyway, on with this week's story. As ever, plenty of other good flash work available on the FridayFlash site.