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Hobson & Choi #29: "Gone Quiet"

Hobson & Choi #29: Gone Quiet

Hobson & Choi #29 up now on Jukepop, featuring both a big twist in the case and an exciting announcement about the serial itself!

What the hell, I'll spoil the announcement, since this is my blog and you've bothered to come here: I'm doing a podcast! A Hobson & Choi Podcast to be precise. For those who have always wanted to have me read Hobson & Choi to them, starting from the beginning.

It'll release on Sundays, links will go up here and on the usual social media sites. It'll continue for at least a fair while because I want to do it, and possibly as long as there's H&C chapters if there's interest from listeners.

Anyway, that's in a few days. For now: latest chapter up on Jukepop, please do vote for us on there, because its the end-of-month top 30 soon and every little helps. Ta very much, guys.

New TV review: Dexter!

Another week, another mediocre Dexter season 8 episode. Increasingly exasperated review up now on The Digital Fix.

Oh well. At least there's Hobson & Choi later, along with exciting announcement type thing. Stay tuned for that.

New TV blogging: The Newsroom!

The Newsroom brings its season-long Genoa arc to the boil! Can they bring it together?

Meanwhile, final H&C of the month tomorrow, including a big announcement. Exciting.

New TV blogging: Breaking Bad on The Digital Fix

Breaking Bad review on The Digital Fix! Will it be an alternative to all the other gushing reviews of this show online? (No.)

Back to work, then. But the ongoing TV review schedule does at least continue. Well, until next week, when most of the US shows I cover are taking a week off for Labor Day. Dammit.

New comics blogging: Marvel Ultimate Universe death thoughts!

What should Marvel do with their Ultimate line of comics? I have thoughts on Many A True Nerd.

Because blogging waits for no man, it's Bank Holiday Monday, but I still did a post about comics. Hope those of you in the UK are having a relaxing day off. Condolences to anyone who isn't.

PROCRASTINATORY VINE TIME: Breaking Bad, re-enacted by toys

Another week, another Vine made when I should've been doing something useful. Today, a bunch of toys from my room re-enact the famous "Say My Name" scene from Breaking Bad. They're probably just happy I'm not hurling them across the room anymore.

New TV blogging: Under The Dome on TDF

I take a look at Under The Dome on The Digital Fix. Should you take a chance on another Lost-esque mystery?

Because a couple of the shows I watch are finishing, so I thought, y'know, worth trying something new.

Hobson & Choi #28 - "Suspects On Parade"

Hobson & Choi #28 - "Suspects On Parade"

It's one final run through the suspect list before the first case finally explodes, in "Suspects On Parade"! We're nearly at #30! Gasp!

And we are coming up to the end of August, which means nearly top 30 time (even though there's one more update next week) so votes appreciated as ever. Remember you can vote for individual chapters, not just once for the whole thing.

As hinted in the blurb, there is an exciting (to me) H&C announcement coming next week, although anyone who read my epic 1000th post on this blog might already have a vague clue what's coming. Until then, ta-ta.

New TV review: Dexter

Another week, another mediocre episode of Dexter. At least there are only four left. Review on The Digital Fix.

Coming up later: Hobson & Choi, and I'm a fairly harsh self-critic, but I think we're at least doing better than current Dexter.

New TV review: The Newsroom!

The Newsroom review on The Digital Fix, and this week, it's the unmistakable humming of evil.

Long day of work ahead, and a tag-team of electricians are here to drill holes in my house. Let's do this.

New TV blog: Breaking Bad!

Latest Breaking Bad review up now on Digital Fix! Can they keep the quality up in this final year?

Am posting from the browser on my phone, it's hard work but ultimately worth it to avoid getting out of bed for slightly longer. I think.

PROCRASTINATORY VINE TIME: Man catches toy in net!

Hello. I'm still hoping to get an actual blog post up this week, but I have literally nothing to put up today (no, not even a TV review), so here is a Vine I did last night of me catching an Adipose stress toy in a fishing net. In case it isn't clear enough from the video, I both threw the toy and operated the fishing net with my right hand, as my left was busy operating my phone.

This should give you some idea of the degree of procrastination I'm able to reach when I'm supposed to be writing.

And yes, the video title is a cheap masturbation joke. Don't pretend you're surprised.

Hobson & Choi #27: "Crusty Semen Inspectors"

Hobson & Choi #27: Crusty Semen Inspectors

H&C #27 up now on Jukepop! Hobson turns CSI after the most recent murder, in a chapter I'm delightfully calling "Crusty Semen Inspectors"!

Hopefully you can see what I did there. Can't imagine I'll ever top that chapter title (although don't worry, there's no crusty semen in the actual story.)

The last week has been the biggest week of voting in the entire history of H&C, so ta very much, everyone. And we haven't even reached the end of month rush yet...

New TV blog: Dexter!

Review of another Dexter final season episode on The Digital Fix. Will it finally gather some momentum? (No.)

Hobson & Choi coming soon, as ever.

TV blogging: The Newsroom

Review of the latest Newsroom episode on The Digital Fix! It's a really good episode, which is nice, as I always want to like this show.

I'm pretty tired, guys. Been very productive in last few days, hopefully most of it will eventually make its way to you.

One of my stories goes international! Now readable in Dutch!

Fun and exciting news! My flash story "Time-Lapsed" has been translated into Dutch by a magazine! So, as the banner says, I am now available in two languages! That's going on my CV!

If you speak Dutch (like I don't), you can read the story here on the SLANG magazine website. Kudos to Marlies Kok, who had the task of translating my quickly-flash-fictioned prose into no-doubt-lovingly-constructed Dutch.

And if you both don't understand Dutch and haven't memorised my entire backlog (making you doubly lazy), you can read the English original here. Give it a look, I think it's one of my better flash efforts - hence why it's the one to make it internationally. So that's pretty cool, I think.

New TV/Comic blogs: Breaking Bad! Trillium!

The return of Breaking Bad reviewed! Up now on The Digital Fix. How will Walt die?

And, also available...

My review of Trillium, the new excellent comic from Jeff Lemire, on Many A True Nerd. Check that out also.

Hugo Awards Blogging: Best Graphic Story & Best Novella!

This weekend, a chunk of blogging I've done all went live. This was the Hugo Award coverage for Many A True Nerd, in which I reviewed all the nominees for two categories and chose favourites.

First up, the Best Graphic Story category, which is basically another pretentious way of saying "Best Comic". Still, I got to read great work including Locke & Key and Saga, not complaining.

And secondly:

Best Novella, featuring work by Brandon Sanderson, Mira Grant and several others. Discovered a few interesting new writers here, it was fun.

So, if you want to know my picks to win, or just fancy some ideas for new reading material, check those out.

Hobson & Choi #26: "The Worst Possible Stand-Off"

Hobson & Choi #26 - "The Worst Possible Stand-Off"

Six months of Hobson & Choi! Celebrate with our twenty-sixth episode, as our heroes get into an awkward situation. There is a twist too. All very exciting.

So, yes, I did the six-month speeching at the end of the episode, but thanks everyone for being there. There is now a new H&C landing page on this blog, including awkward scenes of me trying to big myself up. Little bonus there.

As ever, votes on Jukepop greatly appreciated, all helps the cause. More next week!

New TV post: Dexter review!

Another week, another Dexter review and this time he's taking on a sidekick again. Yes, even though it's always a disaster.

Back later with new Hobson & Choi. Party on.

New TV blogging: Newsroom review!

Review of the latest The Newsroom episode on The Digital Fix! Maggie goes to Africa!

Elsewhere, Hobson & Choi hit an unprecedented #17 in July's Jukepop top 30! Thanks very much to all voters. Now, as ever, onwards to August! Extra-sized six-month special on Thursday.

The Most 1000th Post On This Website! Thoughts! Updates!

Hello, everybody. This is the 1000th post on this blog, so I thought it would be nice to do a proper entry, rather than merely link to an item on another site. Since I moved the comic/book reviews over to Many A True Nerd, I must admit that has left Nick Bryan Dot Com a bit devoid of full-length content, but for this very special round number, I'm making the effort.

So, let's talk a bit about how things are going, a little about the future, maybe some thinking out-loud too. I've got a couple of topics to hit, but I'm allowing myself space to improv around the edges.

TV blog: New Who!

New Doctor Who to be announced live on Sunday! TDF post with the trailer and some vague speculation.

Written late at night, so may not be my highest level analysis. You have been warned.

New comics blogging: Superior Spider-Comics!

Review of Superior Spider-Man #14 and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1 on Many A True Nerd. Whole lot of Spider-Man.

Yes, I've finally reviewed a Spider-Man comic online. My work here is done.

Hobson & Choi #25 - "Head To Head"

Hobson & Choi #25 - "Head To Head"

The slightly-extra-sized 25th episode of Hobson & Choi is up now! It is called "Head To Head", and features a wee showdown between Hobson and Lyne. Secrets emerge!

Why is the 25th episode slightly extra sized? Because that's how they used to do it in comics, and I see no reason not to carry that torch. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who's still with me on this, reading, voting, whatever. Means a lot, I'm enjoying working on it a great deal. We hit six months of continuous publication next week, and there will probably be more speechifying then.

For now, read, vote if you would be so kind, enjoy. And follow @HobsonAndChoi on Twitter if you want more regular serial-news updates. Cheers.

New TV blogging: Dexter!

New Dexter review on Digital Fix! It feels a lot like a halfway mark, even though that is next week.

And thanks to everyone who voted for Hobson & Choi in July! Best month of voting to date. As a way of saying thank you, the slightly-extra-sized 25th episode is up in a couple of hours. (Yes, okay, I was going to put it up anyway.)