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Hobson & Choi #16 - "Could Be Darker"

Hobson & Choi #16 - Could Be Darker

Chapter 16 of Hobson & Choi up now! Entitled "Could Be Darker" and features a decent-sized twist in the ongoing story. I like it, hopefully you will too.

And the end-of-month charts are nigh, so if you fancy logging into Jukepop and voting for a few chapters, would be awesome. We've been doing pretty well this month, finally hit the overall top 30, but no harm in pushing further.

Also, I've written #17 and it's great fun. Tense, scary fun.

New comics blog: Superhero comics!

New comics piece for Many A True Nerd, as I look at the current state of superhero comics. Do you know your Marvel NOW from your New 52? Also with recommendations.

Elsewhere in my sphere of bloggin' influence, we're giving away three Veep season 1 Blu-Ray sets on The Digital Fix.

New Cafe Blogging: Rio's Coffee Lounge, Walthamstow

For the first (and possibly last) time, I blog about my local cafe where I have been doing a lot of writing lately. Posted on the excellent Jammatology site.

And big plot developments in tomorrow's new Hobson & Choi episode, so now would be a great time to catch up and vote for a few chapters. Plus the end of the month charts are looming once more...

New TV blog: The Fall!

Today on The Digital Fix, The Fall episode 3 review, incorporating the news of their second series renewal.

Back to work in the pouring rain today. Gleeful.

New TV piece: Game of Thrones book/film differences

No Game of Thrones this weekend, but I've done an article on book/film differences for The Digital Fix, which is almost as good.

And hope you're all having a good holiday weekend. If you have time to vote for a few Hobson & Choi chapters, the end of the month is nigh, so that's always appreciated.

Hobson & Choi #15 - "So Far, So Awesome"

Hobson & Choi #15 - So Far, So Awesome

Fifteenth chapter "So Far, So Awesome" up on Jukepop now! Our heroes dig into the dark business secrets of Social Awesome, but what will they find?

Includes some banter, tea and dialogue-only sections for a change. Did that work? Let me know!

And the end of the month charts are nigh, so if you fancy voting for any or all of the fifteen chapters that exist, all appreciated. Ta.

New Blogs: How I Met Your Mother! Adult (non-porn) Comics!

Two blog posts today, and one of them isn't even about TV...

Firstly, review of How I Met Your Mother season 8 on The Digital Fix.

And second up...

A broad post on cool grown-up comics of the moment for Many A True Nerd.

I quite like that second post, so do check it out. Also, my review of The Age Atomic is up on Many A True Nerd as well, attentive readers might recognise it from this very site a couple of weeks back.

Monday night TV reviews: The Fall and Game of Thrones!

Two shows from last night covered...

Probably first and foremost, Game of Thrones on Dork Adore, and it's another bloody royal wedding.

And elsewhere...

Gillian Anderson investigates the whole of Dublin in The Fall episode 3 - reviewed on The Digital Fix.

New TV blogging: Broad Doctor Who!

Doctor Who series 7B broad lookback review on The Digital Fix!

And now I genuinely have finished writing about Doctor Who until November! Well, finished reviewing new episodes, anyway - I imagine they'll unveil some news or something before then.

New TV review: Doctor Who!

Last Doctor Who review of the series! Mysteries revealed and stuff!

So, that's that done. If you want to support another of my endeavours in place of reading the Who reviews, Hobson & Choi continues and could always use some more votes! Remember, you can vote for each chapter, not just once for the whole thing. True facts.

New Book Review: A Serpent Uncoiled by Simon Spurrier

Review of A Serpent Uncoiled by Simon Spurrier, up now on Many A True Nerd.

Yes, Many A True Nerd is a new destination for me - it's only just launching now, but there will be a few pieces of mine going up there, most of them not about TV. Wow.

Hobson & Choi #14 - "The Outsider" UP NOW

Hobson & Choi chapter 14 is up on Jukepop now! Who is "The Outsider"? Hobson may be about to find out.

As ever, if you can vote for us on Jukepop, it all helps with my ongoing world domination bid. And remember, you can vote for all fourteen available chapters, not just the whole thing once. True facts.

More next week - a fair bit more blogging to follow as well. Exciting times.

New TV review: Once Upon A Time!

I catch up with fairytale modern panto Once Upon A Time for The Digital Fix!

But only at UK pace, so I'm about 15 episodes behind America. Sorry, USA.

New TV blogs: The Fall! Game of Thrones!

New Game of Thrones review on Dork Adore! George R.R. Martin and a bear!

And that's not all I watched last night...

Also saw new crime show The Fall on BBC Two - slow but creepy, I felt. Agree?

New TV blogging: US TV news! Once Upon A Time, Glee, other things!

Summary of some US TV cancellations, renewals and other news moves - up on The Digital Fix.

And in general, a lot of TV bits up on The Digital Fix TV site today. Good job by the editor (i.e. me).

New TV blogging: Tonight's Doctor Who!

Unusually punctual, it's tonight's Doctor Who reviewed for Dork Adore! Neil Gaiman and the Cybermen!

Hope you enjoy. Now, I'm off for a nap.

New Film Review: Star Trek Into Darkness, Darkly!

Star Trek Into Darkness review on Dork Adore! Yes, it's geeky action blockbuster season, so I'm doing film reviews.

And it's only a short news piece, but Agents of SHIELD gets series!

Hobson & Choi #13: "Lunch Club"

Hobson & Choi #13 - "Lunch Club"

Latest episode of Hobson & Choi up on Jukepop now! Can lunch be any worse than last week's breakfast? Vote for us!

And on the subject of voting, thanks to everyone who voted for us in April - we finished up 25th in the Jukepop top 30 for that month, which is pretty good. Now we just need to beat it for May!

The chapter went up Thursday lunchtime as ever, this blog post is just slightly delayed by the busyness of my week - no Friday story for similar reasons, sorry. But my Star Trek Into Darkness review will be with you fairly soon...

The Age Atomic by Adam Christopher – Book Review

The Age Atomic - Adam Christopher

If you enjoy novels that mash up their genres, smooshing a range of aesthetics together into a weird whole, then Adam Christopher’s The Age Atomic could be for you. At last count, it combines parallel universes, steampunk airships, superheroes, 50s nuclear paranoia and a noirish private dick together into one bizarre soup.

So, to really strain this metaphor to pieces, how tasty is that soup? Is it the same sickly green as the book cover?

New TV blog: Game of Thrones on Dork Adore!

Latest Game of Thrones review up on Dork Adore now, with 100% more Miley Cyrus than usual!

And latest Hobson & Choi news, we finished 25th in the Jukepop most voted serials for April list!Pretty cool, thanks to anyone who voted. Now, just need to start racking up votes for May...

New TV review: Doctor Who on Dork Adore!

New Doctor Who review on Dork Adore, as our hero visits the North, a place more alien than Mars.

And hope you're all having a good bank holiday. I myself have a BBQ today.

Hobson & Choi #12 - "Bad Breakfast"

Hobson & Choi #12  -Bad Breakfast

Hobson faces his greatest trial yet - what will he do to get more information on the case? Latest chapter up now on Jukepop, votes appreciated as ever.

And thanks to everyone who voted for us in the closing days of April - will find out on Monday whether we've made the monthly top 30. I'm quietly optimistic for at least slipping in at the bottom.

New TV review: 10 O'Clock Live returns!

Satire all-star thingy 10 O'Clock Live returns for third series - has anything changed? Thoughts on The Digital Fix.

And happy May Day - may you avoid burning in the mild sunshine.

Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughan/Tony Harris – Review

Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris

Ex Machina is a comic book about a superhero. Well, a past-tense superhero – comic fan and civil engineer Mitchell Hundred gained the power to control machines, and embarked on a brief superhero career as The Great Machine, before jacking it in and running for Mayor of New York, believing he could do more good that way.

The series itself, by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris, starts off with Hundred sitting alone in the dark offering to tell the story of his four years in office, with one warning: “It may look like a comic book, but it’s really a tragedy.”

Well, he wasn’t lying.