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New Vine video: The Glass Tower

So, I was in Pizza Express earlier, found some stackable water glasses, and there was only one logical conclusion: TIME FOR ANOTHER VINE VIDEO

Well, I could hardly ignore obvious certainty, so here it is. Apologies for the lack of cuddly toys.

New TV blogging: Black Mirror review! Office news!

Main attraction today: review of Monday's Black Mirror series 2 conclusion - The Waldo Moment - on The Digital Fix.

And on the same site, a short news piece about the forthcoming return of The Office for Comic Relief.

Oh, and if you fancy voting for Hobson & Choi, the last day of the month is a very advantageous time to do so.

New TV preview: Being Human on The Digital Fix

Spoiler-free preview of the penultimate ever Being Human on The Digital Fix!

Seriously, it ends forever soon, and this makes me sad. Hopefully it'll be a good send-off, at least.

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey – Untimely Book Review

The Snow Child
A book blogger I know claims many of them end up reviewing books ages after they come out, so calling these “Untimely Book Reviews” doesn’t say much. Ultimately, I’m not as much of a precious little snowflake as I’d like.

Which leads me neatly into The Snow Child! Set in 1920s Alaska, written by authentic Alaskan Eowyn Ivey, this novel re-imagines a Russian fairy tale about a childless older couple who fashion a child out of a snow and, seemingly through hope alone, find she has come to life. But how long will she be able to stay?

Hobson & Choi - Chapter 2: #HobsonVsWolf

Hobson & Choi - Part Two up now!
Hobson & Choi part 2: "#HobsonVsWolf"! The second installment of my new modern day detective online serial! Find it now on the Jukepop Serials website!

This week, Hobson & Choi might have a case - but only if they can stop arguing about their social media strategy long enough to go investigate it.

Note that you'll need to register for Jukepop to click through to chapter two and onwards. And once you've done that, you may as well click the "+Vote Now!" button for each chapter, which helps me top the charts and become the bestest. More info in my kick-off blog post last week.

And comments welcome, here or on Jukepop. I have a broad plan but there's plenty of room for input and detours.

Sunday Night TV Reviews: Ripper Street & Being Human!

Two reviews from Sunday night...

The Ripper Street series 1 finale winds things up for now. How have they progressed since that bad first episode? Review on Digital Fix!

And, not as conclusive, but getting towards it...

Episode 4 of the final Being Human series on Dork Adore! Only two more after this!

And as a special treat for those who read these review summaries: Second chapter of my detective serial up now! Full blog proclamation about that to come tomorrow...

New TV review: Walking Dead on Dork Adore!

New Walking Dead review on Dork Adore! How would you like to live in that awful world?

And now, a short break until the Sunday night TV. Yeah, I'm tired too. Yesterday's Friday story is an interesting backwards thingy, if that appeals.

New TV review: Way To Go on The Digital Fix

Final look back at Way To Go series 1 on The Digital Fix. I liked it at the start, do I still at the end?

And today on this site also has an interesting reverse Friday story, so check that out.

#FridayFlash - "Messages Never Sent"

Another week, another Friday Flash, and this is a fairly brief piece (because I've been busy working on my comedy-detective serial (vote for me, etc), I quite enjoy the conceit though. Maybe it's too clever for its own good, but here it is.

TV Review: Utopia - The Last Word

Final broad thoughts on Utopia series 1 for The Digital Fix!

Yes, just the one TV blog today, sorry about that. Don't worry though, there's another one tomorrow, and also probably a Friday story! In the meantime, check out Hobson & Choi if you haven't already.

Triple Threat TV Reviews: Black Mirror, Being Human AND Utopia!

Three blogs today, because stuff has just been piling up. Don't worry, there should be more tomorrow and Friday too.

First up, it's Black Mirror from Charlie Brooker, reviewed on The Digital Fix. Grim grim grim.

And not long after that, a different kind of glimpse into the future...

Spoiler-free preview of this week's Being Human, as the finale grows worryingly close. Also on The Digital Fix.

And, last but surprisingly not least:

My final Utopia episode review for Dork Adore, although perhaps not my last word on the whole show. Find out how it ended!

Yup, that's it for today. Phew. Might go lie down for a bit, maybe watch some TV.

New TV review: Walking Dead!

The latest Walking Dead episode is reviewed on The Digital Fix, as I look desperately for happiness or cheer, without much success.

The Walking Dead is now one of the few shows I review for both sites I write for. It's hard serving two masters. Or three if you count my new weekly detective serial. Sorry if I harp on about that, I am excited though.

Hobson & Choi - My new ongoing mystery on Jukepop Serials!

Hobson & Choi cover (vote for me!)
So, I have some new work out there on the wider internet! My mystery/comedy detective story Hobson & Choi can now be found over on Jukepop Serials!

Which means I got to update the published work page on this blog, for the first time since I created it last month! That was gosh-darn exciting, I can tell you.

But more to the point, I'm proud of the story. Read it now and get in at the very start, as teenager Angelina Choi finds her new job interning for a detective is nothing like she imagined. There's a good cliffhanger too, and realistic use of Twitter.

Obviously, I'll post the link here whenever a new chapter is available - hopefully every week. If you have a few minutes spare and are so inclined, you can register an account on the Jukepop site and vote for each individual chapter of the serial (once there is more than one). This would be helpful and appreciated by me in my bid to become successful in this internet fiction writing business.

But either way, it's up for both reading and voting purposes. Comments welcome either here or on the Jukepop site. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a fun little experiment.

TRIVIA: If you enjoy comic book references, the names are a small tribute to Hobson and Choy, obscure characters from my childhood Sonic The Hedgehog comics. Well, except that my spelling of "Choi" is different.

Sunday night TV reviews: Ripper Street and Being Human

Two reviews covering tonight's whole TV landscape. Well, the bit I watched.

Ripper Street on Digital Fix!

And, as we close in on the finale...

Tonight's Being Human covered on Dork Adore!

And I'll be doing a full "announcement" tomorrow, but do read my new comedy detective serial Hobson & Choi, it's good fun.

New TV review: The Walking Dead on Dork Adore.

And now we do The Walking Dead on Dork Adore.

All the shows are on at weekends, what's that about?

#FridayFlash - The Grumpy Duck

Another Friday story, and this week, the vague theme of romance, since yesterday was Valentine's Day. If you prefer your Valentine's with more moving pictures, here's a video I did yesterday featuring a Spider-Man toy.

Also featured this week: the theme of ducks. My first ever Friday story was also about ducks, and I revisited them a year later as a kinda anniversary thing. No such excuse this time, I just like ducks.

More Friday stories by talented folk available at the FridayFlash website too.

Vine Toy Videos: Valentine's Day Special (featuring Spider-Man)!

Don't worry, Spider-Man won't be falling in love with anything. He'll just be climbing up a rose, then having some kind of hay fever power-burst, or maybe an explosive fart.

The Spider-Man keyring in question was a Valentine's present though. You can see the video here if the embed is broken for some reason.

New TV reviews: Being Human preview and Utopia review!

So, two new TV blogs today. Yeah, I think I've earnt a lie-down, or at least a few hours off for Valentine's Day.

First up, only four Being Human episodes left ever, and here's a spoiler-free preview of the next one on The Digital Fix.

And, on a less upbeat note...

Penultimate episode of Utopia reviewed on Dork Adore. Will it improve in time for the end?

New TV review: The Walking Dead on Digital Fix

Brief review of the latest Walking Dead episode on The Digital Fix. The zombies are back from break!

A longer review will follow on Dork Adore. Oh, and for me-completists, I did a short news piece on the cancellation of The Hour too.

New TV review: Black Mirror!

As promised at the end of the last blog post...

Review of last night's Black Mirror on The Digital Fix! Has Charlie Brooker finally learnt to be subtle?

And if anyone's interested, I also did a brief news piece about 3D Doctor Who and new BBC fantasy-drama Atlantis.

How To Review Stuff

Come on, this post was at least a 7...
As a brief scan of this blog will reveal, I write a lot of reviews. It has now reached the stage where I can formulate a review of a TV show (or other things, but often TV) in a very short space of time. So, since it's something I have been asked for advice on, I figured the art of reviewing warrants a blog post. How do I assess stuff? Is there a technique, or do I just splurge?

And yes, some of this will be specific to reviewing TV shows, as that is my area.

New TV review: Being Human on Dork Adore

Latest Being Human review on Dork Adore, and I'm really liking this show now, so hopefully they won't cancel it or anything.

Oh, wait, it's all coming back to me now. Never mind.

#FridayFlash - "Gravestones"

For the first time on this new site - in fact, based on a glance at the archive, the first time in over six months - it's time for a Friday story. No preamble, I'll just get down to it.

You can see more stories by other writers on the Friday Flash website, or join in yourself. Any comments on the below always welcome.

New TV blogging: Being Human conclusion

A news piece on The Digital Fix regarding the just-announced ending of Being Human.

Yes, an unexpected extra TV blog for you, although I wish it was on a happier subject. I was just starting to really enjoy this show, and now it's over. Sigh.

New TV review: Utopia on Dork Adore

Told you I'd be back soon enough: new Utopia reviewed on Dork Adore!

And I'll be honest. this isn't the best thing I've ever reviewed. In fact, it's starting to really drag. Still, only two to go!

New TV review: Being Human preview on The Digital Fix!

Time for a new spoiler-free preview of the next Being Human! Up now on The Digital Fix.

Yeah, a slightly quieter week for TV blogging after last week's rush. Don't worry, there may still be another one either later today or early tomorrow.

Zero Dark Thirty – Some Dark Thoughtys

Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty - GOOD AT ACTING
I don’t often review films –not really my medium, and my opinions are usually in line with the consensus anyway. For example, I saw Django Unchained, thought it was fun and surprisingly emotional for Tarantino, much like everyone else.

But I recently experienced Zero Dark Thirty, and honestly, the reviews I’ve read didn’t entirely capture my opinion of it. So here I am, throwing my slightly contrary hat into the ring. Disagreements welcome.

Sunday TV Reviews: Being Human and Ripper Street!

Because TV channels seem determined to put all the good shows on Sunday, we have two...

The return of Being Human reviewed on Dork Adore!

And, as per the last six Sundays...

Ripper Street reviewed on The Digital Fix! They try politics!

The reviews may slow down a tad now. On the other hand, The Walking Dead is back soon so probably not.

New TV Review: Borgen finale on The Digital Fix

Final Borgen review of series 2 on The Digital Fix! The ultimate climax! War and zombies!

None of that is really happening, it's just the usual thoughtful examinations of gender and politics. But it's still pretty good, and if you yearn for excitement, why not watch my Darth Tater video?

Vine Toy Videos - The Dark Side

No, not more semi-pornographic toy videos, a different kind of dark side.

Also, my attempts to put this on Vine didn't actually work, so I have turned to YouTube. Check it below.

Thanks to my friends Liz and Andy who invited me to their flat and allowed me to film their toys. (You can hear Liz's evil laugh in the opening moments of this video.) Yes, I'm taking this show on the road.

Vine Toy Videos - The NSFW Return

Hanging around casually at my girlfriend's house last night, I decided to make another Vine toy video with her selection of purple cuddly animals. Unfortunately, things took a dark turn.

Could be NSFW, if your boss is very easily unsettled. Also features my voice, doing my unsettling porn producer impression. You may need to click here to see it, as the embedding doesn't seem to be working that reliably this time.

New TV review: Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe on The Digital Fix

Review of Weekly Wipe, the new Charlie Brooker series from BBC Two, on The Digital Fix.

Man, there's a lot of TV on at the moment. And yes, there are more reviews going up on both Saturday and Sunday. Monday, I might have a nap or something, y'know?