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New TV review: Utopia on Dork Adore

Review of Utopia on Dork Adore - it's a bit of a rollercoaster, but in what way?

It has to be said, readers, I'm not sure this show is part of my plans for a perfect world.

New TV review: Derek on The Digital Fix

Review of the debut of the Derek series proper on The Digital Fix.

I'm also currently watching The Office (UK edition) for the first time, so I'll be doing a comparison piece soon. Little tease for you there.

New TV preview: Being Human series 5!

Delicate spoiler-free preview of the Being Human series 5 debut on The Digital Fix.

It's actually pretty good, which is a relief. I really enjoyed series 4 and hate being disappointed.

Take Three! – How Many Manuscript Restarts Is Too Many?

I am currently taking my third swing at the same novel idea. This one started as a short story during 2011, before I promoted it to novel status for NaNo 2012.

And now, having written 25,000 words back then, I'm rewriting most of it yet again. Three starts on the same story. My impatient younger self would've told me to give up and try something else by now. Does he have a point?

I've isolated three factors to blame for this third restart – oh yes, synchronicity. Let's list them.

Vine Additional - Now With Drunk Spider-Man!

In my earlier blog post about toy-based Vine videos, I asked if anyone had made an amusing Vine video featuring Spider-Man yet.

No-one responded, so I took it upon myself to get that sorted. Here we see Spidey trying to enjoy a quiet Guinness, only to be accosted by an unwelcome visitor.

Love that moment at the end. Who knew Spidey had such Amazing comic timing?

Idle Toy Videos on Vine

Ever curious and easily led, I downloaded Vine, a new video app owned by Twitter, aiming to do for internet video what they did for blogging - make it short, simple and doable for all.

Whether Vine will face an Instagram-style backlash, I don't know - "Now that everyone thinks they can make nice videos, how will professional video editors get work?" - but it seems unlikely. Unless the whole world decides that their wedding/birth/ransom demand videos need only be six seconds long.

Anyhow. My only use for Vine so far has been making rudimentary stop motion videos of the toys on my desk! (I'm nearly 29.)

New TV blogging: Ripper Street on The Digital Fix

Not that long after it finished on BBC One, my review of tonight's Ripper Street is already up on The Digital Fix.

Yes, I warned you there was more coming. Think that's it for tonight though. Sweet dreams, readership.

New TV review: Borgen on The Digital Fix

Review of Borgen's first ever two-parter on The Digital Fix, as Birgitte tries to single-handedly save Africa.

It's going to be a busy week in TV reviews, guys, so get ready. A couple of new shows starting, all the usual suspects too.

Should really do some work on that novel too.

New TV blogging: Digital Fix feature on upcoming returning TV shows

I outline some big shows returning in the coming months for The Digital Fix.

Includes new Being Human trailer and other assorted embeds. Plus - which TWO major properties are both returning over Easter weekend? What three-letter word links the two series returning in April?

Best read my article and find out, really.

New TV review: Utopia #2 on Dork Adore!

Review of Utopia episode two up now on Dork Adore!

It was okay. File this under I for "interesting". Oh, and not one of my more thoughtful pieces, but I also threw up a news piece about the return of Black Mirror on The Digital Fix yesterday.

Turning Writing Into A Game – When Do I Win?

I will settle for the kettle.If you enjoy the nausea-inducing November writing challenge of NaNoWriMo, maybe you’ve found yourself wanting to find other ways to turn writing into a game. Myself and a friend, both living in the Nunhead region of London at the time, once attempted a second 50k writing challenge in the month of March, under the name “NunheadWriMo”.

You may laugh, but it kinda works with the abbreviation. Without a forum to motivate us, we pushed each other by exchanging trash talk on MSN. For those of you without a kindhearted friend to hurl verbal abuse, though, how can you keep “winning” at writing?

Well, if a daily target and willpower aren’t enough, here are some other incentive schemes.

Two More New TV Reviews: Ripper Street & House of Lies!

First up, last night's Ripper Street reviewed on The Digital Fix, as progress claims another victim.

Second up, a review which has required a month's research (well, TV watching), so I've let myself have a whole thousand words to cover it:

Digital Fix review of the House of Lies season 1 DVD, out today. Don Cheadle won a Golden Globe for this - is it an amazing look into the world of management consultancy?

New TV review: Last night's Borgen, probed.

My review of last night's Borgen, up now on The Digital Fix.

Can Birgitte discipline her ministers? Well, she'll give it a shot.

TV Review Double Bill - Utopia AND Way To Go!

Two TV reviews today, after a particularly hard day of staring and typing yesterday.

First up, my review of Channel 4's Utopia on Dork Adore stares into the heart of the mystery and says "Hmm".

And, last but definitely not least...

BBC Three's Way To Go sees one of the Inbetweeners get into the assisted suicide field. Oh yeah.

Seriously, though: Way To Go is actually pretty good. It's always exciting as a reviewer to discover a great new show you'd not heard of before. Although it may also mean BBC PR haven't been doing much. Still, check it out.

Monkeys with Typewriters by Scarlett Thomas – Timely Book Review

Scarlett Thomas - Monkeys With Typewriters

Monkeys With Typewriters by Scarlett Thomas came out in October 2012, making this less untimely than most of my book reviews, and features the popular novelist and creative writing lecturer setting down, in a mere 400 pages (plus footnotes and appendices), her secrets to good writing.

There are, you may have noticed, a lot of books on writing out there. So, as someone who has already done a whole Masters on the subject, did I get anything extra out of Thomas's contribution to the genre? Well, yes and no.

Brief TV news-burst: Dexter return details on The Digital Fix!

A short Dexter newspiece thingy on The Digital Fix. When is it back? How long will it stay?

Last TV piece today, unless massive news happens. Proper blog post tomorrow! Imagine!

New TV review: Ripper Street ripped open!

Latest Ripper Street review on The Digital Fix!

Poo running in the street this week, as cholera comes to town.

New TV review: Borgen on The Digital Fix

Last night's two new BBC Four Borgen episodes reviewed on The Digital Fix.

That's The Last Worker and Battle Ready. Enjoy. More coming later.

Ripper Street - First two eps summarised on Dork Adore

Click here and let the Ripper Street magic happen to you.

Yes, I've already covered the individual episodes for Digital Fix, but here they are combined. Features brief playing with language.

Twenty Thirteen And All That

So, happy new year! As you might notice, I’ve made some 2013 changes. As in, we’re now on Blogger (because Tumblr kept crashing), and the site has a new look. For anyone reading this on the RSS feed, why not go check out the new design?

(And if you’re not yet on the RSS feed, why not subscribe? It’s easier than remembering to check the site. Previous subscribers should have come across.)

Anyway. Aside from a new look website, with added staring eyeball, what else is new?

New story: "The Soul Cost" - A Brixton piece

Urban Story are compiling a story for every tube stop - I cover Brixton.

A fun project, and I decided to write about the tube stop I know best. So: a story about the street directly outside Brixton tube, with my usual warmth and humour.

Other writers following this blog, totally contribute if you have the time and inspiration, it's a fun project.

TV Review: Ripper Street 1.02 on The Digital Fix

Review of Ripper Street 1.02 - "In My Protection" up now on The Digital Fix.

It's okay. Better than the first one.

Borgen returns on BBC Four! Review on The Digital Fix!

Link: Borgen returns on BBC Four! Review on The Digital Fix!

Brief thoughts on Charlie Brooker's 2012 Wipe on The Digital Fix. Hooray.

Link: Brief thoughts on Charlie Brooker's 2012 Wipe on The Digital Fix. Hooray.

The TV reviewing gears up for the new year, starting with Ripper Street on The Digital Fix...

Link: The TV reviewing gears up for the new year, starting with Ripper Street on The Digital Fix...