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Nick Bryan is a London-based writer of genre fiction, usually with some blackly comic twist. As well as the ongoing self-published detective saga Hobson & Choi, he also makes comics, which he posts on the comics wing of this very website, both by himself and with a range of great artists.

Full details of his published stories, as well as links to buy the ones that can be bought, can be found on the Works page of this website. He is also on Twitter as @NickMB, where he updates with perfect and reasonable regularity.

If you particularly enjoy Nick's work and want to help him pay more comic artists and justify the time spent screaming into a terrified coffee shop, you can also back him regularly on Patreon for a range of exciting behind the scenes perks. Or if that level of commitment scares you, there is also this PayPal link for a one-off donation.

When not reading or writing books, Nick Bryan enjoys racquet sports, comics and a nice white beer.

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