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Hobson & Choi #98: "Pre-Game"

Hobson & Choi #98: "Pre-Game"
The march to H&C #100 begins in earnest! Angelina Choi needs the whole of this new chapter to prepare herself - have you set aside enough time?

Wow, it really is ending soon. Luckily, I'm feeling quite calm about the whole thing today. Maybe I'll shed a tear in a couple of weeks, when it truly is over.

Or perhaps not - after all, I do have a load of book-related stuff, so it won't feel like H&C ever really went away from my end.

Also, I might be starting Book Four (or at least, doing some planning for it) this afternoon, so again, it's not really going anywhere. But first, I gotta get some lunch, I'm starving.


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