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Hobson & Choi #92: "Cutting Edge"

Hobson & Choi #92: "Cutting Edge"
Hobson & Choi #92 - it exists and features a dramatic knife-fight! We're coming up to the end of a storyline!

So that's exciting. Less exciting, I admit, is this blog as I really haven't had time to do anything. On the plus side, I'm considering doing the one-video-blog-a-day Vlogtober challenge, so if I do that, I'll have some free content to embed here.

Yes, I'm already a day behind, but I can catch up with that.

More relevantly to the H&C saga - thanks so much to everyone who voted for us on Jukepop last month! We won the monthly chart, and we may have also won the biannual prize. We wait.

And as well as possible daily vlogs, I also gotta edit H&C Book 2 soon. Life probably not getting less busy.


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