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Hobson & Choi #89: "Simon Says"

Hobson & Choi #89: "Simon Says"

What was Hobson up to while Choi was off on her deadly mission? At last, the truth can be revealed. Yes, it does involve Simon Ballart, how did you guess?

This takes us up to almost ninety episodes, which is loads. Gosh. There might be another, somewhat predictable, announcement about the future on Thursday, by the way. The future of the webserial, not Book Two.

Far more relevant for now, though: ask me questions about stuff! I am bringing the H&C Podcast back, for one episode only, and I thought I'd attempt an internet Q&A as part of that. However, this idea only works if I get some Qs to A, so fire away. You can ask in the comments below, tweet me at @NickMB or - if you really want question-specific software - you can use my Ask page on Tumblr.

For now, I have left anonymous Tumblr questioning turned on. This can and will be reversed at any time if people start being arseholes. Short of flat-out arseholing, though, I will take on any questions from all-comers. Writing/self-publishing/H&C queries may get priority, but nothing will be ignored. This is my vow.

So, there we go. Fire away with your interrogation.


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