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Hobson & Choi #86: "Who?"

Hobson & Choi #86: "Who?"
Who is behind the whole mess? Hobson and Choi do some serious mastermind-confronting in this latest chapter. Obviously, something is about to go wrong.

Yes, the chapter is out about an hour earlier than usual, due to it just being more convenient to get it done now. I won't be plugging it on social media until the usual 1-2PM type time, so those of you who happen to check the blog or RSS feed a bit early get a little treat. Well done, guys.

You can think of it as a reward for voting us to #1 on Jukepop if you like, or just a complete coincidence. Which it is.

Almost finished the bonus story for the second Hobson & Choi book, it's going to be another slightly grim noir tale, I think. Might attempt something cheerier for Book Three, I already have an idea in mind. Yes, it's scary how far in advance I plan this stuff.


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