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The Man Who Tweeted Plugs - Last Stop Before Publication Junction

The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf, my first effort in self-publishing books, emerges on Tuesday into the world of ereaders! The cover is off to the right, and if you want even more details, review opportunities and the like, this blog post has you covered.

But if you're interested in some project news, or in what sort of thing fills the days of a man when his book is on the verge of people-powered publishing, here's the latest update. Probably the last major one before releae day. Includes video content. Gasp. Best read on.

Let the internet be your robot butler

First up, because I gotta sell books somehow so should put these in before anyone loses interest. You can now pre-order the book on a couple of e-outlets, in case you want to make sure it appears on your device ASAP.

Here are those links:

And that's it for now. Makes it all seem pretty real, eh?

Start the presses!

Still only the ebook versions coming out next Tuesday, but progress continues on the print edition, which is going to be lovely. I've approved the back cover and the proof version is scheduled to arrive with me a week or so after the ebook comes out.

So, in the event I haven't fucked up substantially, I'll hopefully be able to approve that and get that up for your ordering pleasure as well. Or, if there are major mistakes, alas we must wait another two weeks.

But yes, print fans, it is coming. I would've waited until both were good to go, but I wanted to make sure I had the e-version launched for when I went to Nine Worlds in a few weeks. If everything goes flawlessly, we may have both for that. Score.

My card, anyone?

I have new business cards for the book release! Not overly exciting for you maybe, but I just wanted to repost this Vine I recorded of myself cocking around with them.

Oh, and show off the design I did for the back because I think it came out quite well - it's just above this section. The front is the book cover. Come and say hello at Nine Worlds and I may give you one of these cards.

A series writer's work is never done

So, amid all this admin, I've managed to find some writing time! And what am I working on? Well, among other things, the Hobson & Choi Case Two book edition!

After all, the big thing they told me at London Book Fair was to keep building up the series, so I'd best crack on. Coming to you... either late 2014 or early 2015, hopefully. It's scary how fast time disappears with these big projects.

And that, I suppose, is that. Depending on time and inspiration, I may not blog again until publication day. Get your two pounds ready folks, it's gonna be good.


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