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Why can't I work at home? - A video study in writing and procrastination

So, for a while now, I've found myself unable to get much work done in my home. I'm not sure why, my procrastination levels just spiked, but I've spent ages going to a local cafe as a result. Loads of time, loads of money, but I've also achieved a fuckton of writing, so maybe it'll just have to be fair enough.

Anyway, long story short, I fancied doing another video blog after last month's moderately fun experiment, so I have created the below. A short piece exploring that very question: why can't I work at home?

And for anyone interested: yes, that is my workspace. Judge away.

So, can you no longer work in your house? Is it for the same reasons as me? Feel free to form a sufferer support group in the comments, I'll break up any fights.


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