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Hobson & Choi #69 - "Follow That Man!"

Hobson & Choi #69 - "Follow That Man!"

A little bit of meat-and-potatoes detective action in Hobson & Choi #69! Who is the Yellow Man and can Choi keep him in sight?

Despite the chapter number of 69 (snickersnicker etc), I couldn't find an excuse to insert some sex. Sorry guys. I promise I did at least try. For about ten to fifteen seconds.

More importantly, it is the final chapter of May, so if anyone hasn't caught up on reading/voting/ideally both for a while, now would be a very beneficial time to do it. Just a casual thought.

Even more usefully, why not review Hobson & Choi on Web Fiction Guide, thus enticing more readers to the serial and taking the voting pressure off yourselves, the existing readership?

Enough shilling for one week. I am off to celebrate finishing my third draft - more details in a blog post tomorrow hopefully. And I really do mean details, you'll see.


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