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The Trouble With All That (WriteBlog #22)

Since last week's London Book Fair adventures, I've returned to my normal life and tried to live the lessons, y'know? I've emailed a couple of people, spoken about things, set wheels in motion, and then... well, at some point I had to sit down and do some writing again.

And honestly, it almost felt a bit dull compared to all the faffing around checking my book options and seeing pretty colours. Not to mention, there are so many things to be done on the vague self-pub checklist, there's always some other task I could/should be doing.

In fairness, I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person to feel this way. In fact, the self-published authors who spoke last week often touched on the difficulties involved in both achieving the ten million sundry publishing tasks and getting the work done. Oh, and continuing a regular human life outside both those areas, if possible.

I think there's a lot of novelty value here too. I've been writing in some form since I was about 18 and I've pushed a hard cranking schedule in the last year or so especially. At this point, I know pretty well what it feels like to sit at a desk and type. But all this cover-selecting strategy stuff, that's new and interesting,

Still, I've done some research and at some point soon enough, I'm going to have to process my Scrivener files into a correctly formatted ebook. I don't see any way that won't be an enormous ballache, so I imagine that's about the time I'll fall back in love with writing.

So for now, things keep going as they have been. A few slow, steady moves towards that self-publishing thing, another 1.5 chapters edited in my novel. Imagine I'll have settled happily back into my routine soon enough.

And happy Easter to anyone reading this. Hope you're having a good one and not yet suffering from diabetes. A more substantial entry next week, perhaps. For now, stuff is happening, work continues.


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