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Man Edits NaNoWriMo Third On Video - A WriteVlog Experiment (or WriteBlog #21)

I have a new iPad, so decided to play with the video function and do this week's WriteBlog in straight-to-camera video form. See me struggle with what a chapter is, the sound on my computer and where exactly I'm meant to be looking!

Good times. In terms of actual content, this is me talking about starting edits on the final third of my novel - which I wrote during NaNoWriMo - and worrying that it is garbage - because I wrote it during NaNoWriMo. There is some embarrassing turning-off-the-sound stuff which I have't edited out because it made me laugh when I watched it back - potentially I should be a bit more brutal with myself, but for a first effort, I think is okay. There may one day be a second effort.

Anyway, if I bang on much longer, I'll defeat the labour-saving purpose of doing it on video in the first place. Here it is!

If you're reading this in a format that doesn't support YouTube embeds, here's a clickable link to the original.


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