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Hobson & Choi Podcast #33 - "A Long Weekend"

The conclusion is here! Hobson and Choi face the epilogue of their big wolf-case, while I deal with something even more heartbreaking: the end of the podcast itself. At least you get an extra-length 15 mnute episode before it goes away.

Thanks to everyone who listened to the podcast while it existed - as I've said in various episodes, I enjoyed working on it a lot, so I may one day return with a new audio-based vehicle. For now, though, this is the end. If you want more multimedia material, I did a video blog the other week.

You can play the episode in the player below, download the MP3 here or subscribe on iTunes. Or if you hate iTunes on principle, you can point your RSS reader at our Libsyn page to get every episode.

Hobson & Choi Podcast #33 - A Long Weekend by Nick Bryan on Mixcloud


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