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Not Drowning But Typing (WriteBlog #17)

Last week, I discussed how my writing wasn't entirely flowing, words refusing to come out no matter how long I stared at the page. In a typical ironic-sadistic finger-of-fate fashion, this week I had a much easier time getting the material down when I was at the keyboard, but... was frustratingly not finding much opportunity.

No sooner had I lined up a few clear days of work, the pipework in our house experienced severe explosive turbulence, all over our bathroom floor, leaving me waiting in for a lot of plumbers. Don't worry, this won't be a whole blog about plumbing - even better, there will be a video!

The video is to make up for the fact it won't be very long. I've spent so much time lately failing to get our house watertight again, most of my available computer time has gone to working on my writing, rather than blog posts about it.

Nonetheless, it's been a good week for the art, so I wanted to get a post done in the name of confidence-building self-affirmation. Here is some stuff that's happened, in quick-and-dirty bullet point form.

  • Had an agent one-to-one with Bryony Woods of DKW Literary Agency as part of an event at the Big Green Bookshop - didn't get taken on right there and then, but very positive stuff said about my writing, and from someone who does this stuff for a living too. A lot of others from my writing group took part, and the air of support and positivity around the event was genuinely inspiring stuff. Hooray.
  • Also, got comments back on the second of my two GreyHaven Comics scripts from the editor, and feedback so positive that I don't even need to do a second draft. Sweet. If you fancy submitting to them yourself, by the way, they're accepting more story pitches on a range of themes for another two weeks.
  • As I already said elsewhere, Hobson & Choi was second in the Jukepop charts for February, which is pretty damn good. Even if it does make it harder and harder to keep topping ourselves.
  • Returned to editing the novel, did a whole chapter, felt great to be back on it. Happy times.

It's not all sunshine - for example, the project I mentioned being stuck on last week... yeah, still no ideas and do need to get it done in next couple of months. But all this upbeat stuff made it much easier to cope with the puddle spreading across the bathroom and ruining my socks whenever I went to pee.

Anyway. As a reward for sitting through that self-indulgent list of my adventures, here's your video content. This is me from Thursday evening, delivering A Line I Wrote Today from the afore-mentioned edited novel chapter. It's not as bad as it sounds, I swear.


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