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Hobson & Choi #58 - "Two Surprises"

Hobson & Choi #58 - "Two Surprises"

This week's episode begins to bring the current storyline in for a landing, and someone's in for a shock. Other things also happen. Yet another old character comes back. Check it out.

And yes, the title Two Surprises is a mini-tribute to the old episode Two Escapes. Because since I have two main characters, they might as well sometimes share experiences.

Hope you're all well - if you've got some time to kill and fancy doing the Hobson & Choi empire a favour, a review on Web Fiction Guide is always dandy.

By way of small thank-you, here is another A LINE I WROTE TODAY video, this week previewing a line from next week's H&C #59. So, yes, it's even relevant to this post.


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