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Hobson & Choi #57 - "Interview With The Wolf-Man"

Hobson & Choi #57 - "Interview With The Wolf-Man"

Hobson, Choi and Lettie encounter an old enemy in the latest chapter! Up now on Jukepop! Vote for us! Etc!

And no, the title Interview With The Wolf-Man doesn't imply any relation to the various horror films with similar titles. I'm just hoping to lure people who like that sort of thing in, so they can fall in love with our serial and keep reading.

In other H&C news, we were #2 on Jukepop for February! Excellent news, although that means the only way to progress is to hit #1. So, um, yeah, if everyone could just go vote heavily now? It is my 30th birthday soon, and that would be a delightful present...


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