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2048 - Ideally this would be my review score... (WriteBlog #20)

When last we met, I was having some massive writing days, but also worrying that I was maiming my ability to function in a basic human way. I was also developing a growing addiction to 2048, the stupid tile-matching number puzzle which has managed to somehow bypass my usual instinctive avoidance of timesink phone games.

Not content with pouring hours into the Doctor Who version on my computer, I have now downloaded the actual app for my phone. It has not improved matters. But anyway, this isn't meant to be a weekly blog where I moan about my latest procrastination discovery (although that by far one of the biggest challenges I face in my authorial life, sadly) - how's the actual work going, Nick?

Old Father Time

As you probably know, I turned 30 this Tuesday just gone. You can read my thoughts on the actual milestone here if you're so inclined, but in writing terms, it... had surprisingly little impact. I rarely work much on weekends anyway, so the only day of hard labour I really lost was the Tuesday itself. Got back into the novel editing with reasonable fervour by this afternoon, having completed my weekly Hobson & Choi tasks.

That's still going, basically. I'll probably hit the two thirds mark in a week's time, and then we move into a slightly different phase and I'll discuss that when it happens.

For now, though, I had a bit of chat about my novel at writing group last night, extending beyond the scene I read out at the time and out to the rest of the story. That was great fun, even though not every single comment was mega-positive and I have some stuff to think about. Helpfully, I'm still at the early stage of authorship when I'm slightly excited by anyone reading my work and expressing thoughts about it as if it's a serious piece of story. I love every one of my Hobson & Choi reviews on Web Fiction Guide, even the not-glowing ones. (So feel free to add one. Ahem.)

Maybe one day I'll be published, read my 1-star reviews and despair, but for now, yes please. Relatedly, someone reviewed the "Hero's Best Friend" anthology I recently appeared in on Goodreads, and described my story as "Good story, but not a favorite". Amazing novelty value, I don't even give a shit about the but. I may have it framed. You can find more details of those anthologies in this post here, if that has enticed you to go buy.

Stop Touching Me, Please

So, that was the keen writery part, let's now talk about my fuckton of recent procrastination. The big problem with 2048 is this: now I've become okayish at it, each game lasts about half an hour. So even though I don't have twenty-game marathon sessions, it still eats up a chunk of time whenever I reach for my phone to have a couple of goes. I may inflict forced cold turkey on myself soon.

Oh, and I've decided to keep my Marvel Unlimited subscription going, because it's an amazing service in terms of value for money, but having that amount of comics at my fingertips at all times is not good for getting other stuff done. Luckily, I can't really use it when away from the house, so going to my usual cafe pretty much kills that, even if it has taken me a bit longer to actually get out of the house to go there lately. 2048 is on my phone, so there's no escape.

Anyway, it's now 11PM, so this is definitely a time when it's okay to unwind with a few casual Marvel Comics. We seem to be thoroughly back to business as usual after the birthday. So, yes, that does mean I will stop talking about it on Twitter. I know you'll all be relieved.


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