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TWO new stories by me in Seventh Star Press anthologies!

It's been a while since I had any new fiction out there except for regular Hobson & Choi updates, but the wait is over. Pleasant genre-merchants Seventh Star Press have included my stories in two (yes, two) of their upcoming anthologies. They've done cover reveals at their own blog in the last few days, we're definitely all public now, so let's talk about it a bit.

First up, in the Hero's Best Friend anthology, I have a story called The Violet Curse. The theme of the book is animal companions - all manner of hero-helping creatures from cute internet-ready cats to that armoured lion thingy on the cover. Find out more here.

My specific piece is about a loyal dog who wants nothing more than to help its owner - the resident fantasy hero - but discovers she might be a crucial part of his undoing instead, thanks to a pesky purple magic spell. Bummer, right?

And you can now buy Hero's Best Friend in electronic format in the following places by clicking on their respective links:

Amazon US - Amazon UK - Nook US - Nook UK

Elsewhere, in A Chimerical World: Tales Of The Unseelie Court, there are some evil fairies about. Note that this is a two-book set of anthologies, with the good section of the fey appearing in Tales Of The Seelie Court, but I am only in the Unseelie volume. This is because I am a terrible person. Full details of both books right over here.

My story is called The Fool And His Money and is thoroughly contemporary. You know how that economic crash happened recently, and everyone explained it as "Well, they thought there was all this money, but it didn't really exist"? It turns out there's a fairy-based explanation for that...

And you can now buy A Chimerical World: Tales of the Unseelie Court in electronic format in the following places by clicking on their respective links:

Amazon US - Amazon UK - Nook US - Nook UK

Both books should be available for print ordering a week after that - rest assured I will be posting the links up when that happens. In the meantime, if you want a brief preview from the actual text of both stories, I intend to put out such a thing on the new mailing list soon, so definitely subscribe to that, either in the blog sidebar or by clicking on this link right here.

Woo! Publication again! Twice! Pretty excited by this, guys. Now, back to angsting over my editing/synopsis/choice of socks...


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