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Join the mailing list! Stuff will happen!

So, the other day I started a mailing list, but somewhat buried its announcement in my Hobson & Choi #50 retrospective blog. So, here's a post of its very own.

There is now a mailing list. The form to sign up can be found in the left sidebar of this blog, or I'll embed it at the bottom of this post. Mailings will be infrequent, once a month at the absolute most, and I'll only use it when something of substance happens/is about to happen. You will not get an inane message every week announcing when H&C goes up, don't worry.

In fact, if all goes well, there will be some news/preview material regarding an upcoming "thing" out there on the list in the next few weeks. So yeah, totally sign up. If the embed form below isn't working for you, you can also click here to get to another one. Ta very much.


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