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Merry Christmas!

It's nearly 11:30PM on Christmas Eve and I've not got any presents to wrap, which may explain why I've ended up writing this instead. I should be doing something, dammit. (Considering I have to leave the house for my annual church visit at 7:50AM, you could argue that I should be asleep, but shut up.)

So, my overarching message here has to be Merry Christmas. To anyone reading this especially, as I'm not planning on plugging it on Twitter or anywhere much, so if you found this, you must've made some effort to engage. Or stumbled across it on a fluke. Either way, may your day be merry and not shite.

My Christmases recently have become increasingly quiet, as friends from back home in Essex have ended up scattered around, due to family relocation, marriage, deployment to Afghanistan, etc. My own family is pretty small, so this leaves us with a fairly contained affair. Lots of time to think.

Long story short, I've ended up planning a lot of the broad aesthetic decisions for the possible Next Novel. This is potentially unwise, as I really need to make myself do the editing on the one I finished in November, rather than casting it aside for the newer, shinier thing.

Anyway. Even though I am thinking about my writing a lot, dwelling at length on future goals probably isn't the right material for a Christmas post, it's more New Year fodder. For now, despite my endlessly grinding, introspective brain, I'm hoping to manage a hazy sense of warm Christmas enjoyment. We'll see.

Merry December 25th to all, hope you get whatever you're after out of it - in terms of fun, presents, decent Doctor Who specials, anything. Back here soon enough with a Hobson & Choi chapter, potentially some kind of Who review as well.


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