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NaNoWriMo Week One - Uh-huh? (WriteBlog #5)

You wouldn't think I'd have time to dash off mid-length blogs about my writing process in the heart of the NaNoWriMo maelstrom, but I'm trying to treat this piece as a short warm-up for later greatness. However, if it seems slightly more rushed or badly spelt than usual, the month-long writing bender is my entire excuse.

So, I've been on the NaNo gravy train for nearly a whole week, I've written just under seven thousand words (so yes, I am pretty behind) - how is it going? Can I describe my experiences? Well.

I've been trying not to worry about word count too much, whilst simultaneously not ignoring it, and that doesn't make a vast amount of sense. Basically, if I ignore the NaNo word-churning ethos, I just won't produce anything, which isn't helpful - but on the other hand, I also don't want to churn out shite.

There have been a couple of days where I've thought - even as I'm writing something - "Fuck, I'm clearly just rattling that off to hit word count." Case in point: I'm 99% sure that once I sit down to do today's NaNo words, I'll be deleting the final section of yesterday's scene and rewriting it. This is arguably against the Sacred NaNo Spirit, but having worked on this novel all year and been surprisingly happy with it, I don't really want to spend November grafting some kind of rotting tail onto it. Yet again, I'm trying to use the NaNo Spirit but only when it's useful to me.

The good news is that despite my angst about quality, I'm just about on track to finish the book (if not the required 50K) by the end of the month, which will mean I've at least won my own personal battle. I've also been distracted repeatedly by my various other projects - Hobson & Choi will continue, of course, but if you're a huge fan of my TV reviews, you may see a dip in those as the month goes on. Sorry about that.

Yesterday, I got the good news that H&C was #9 in the Jukepop charts for October, which is yet another personal best and one I might struggle to replicate/beat in future months, to be honest. Nonetheless, good to know people are enjoying it - the even more gratifying part is that I didn't badger that many personal friends into voting during Oct, so those votes could be from real human interest. Score.

And #39 of H&C will be with you in a few hours, so that's exciting. Right now, I've got to plug a blog post on Twitter (not just this one) and record H&C Podcast #11, then publish #39 - and only after all that can I get back to work on NaNoWriMo. Busy life but I like it a lot. See you all next week.


Ali Luke said...

Congrats on the the #9 position, nice stuff! I am more behind than you on NaNo (just past 5,000 words) and agree with you on the wordcount thing -- there's definitely a quality/quantity balance to be struck.

Nick Bryan said...

Yeah, I'm trying to balance it. We'll see how I do. Good luck with the words - I'm hoping to pound a load out this afternoon. That sounds a bit weird, doesn't it?

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