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Hobson & Choi #42 - "Found Property"

Hobson & Choi #42 - "Found Property"

It's the climax of Hobson & Choi's second case! It's all over bar the epilogues, so can Hobson get off the hook which he seemed to have solidly hung himself on last week? Find out now in #42!

And elsewhere, yes, it is the final H&C chapter of Nov, the monthly top 30 is nigh, so if you've been meaning to catch up on reading/voting, now would be a tactically advantageous time to do it.

Or indeed spread the word somehow, that helps too. Still trying to work up some kind of wider strategy beyond hopeful tweeting. You can still review on Web Fiction Guide if you're so inclined.

But thanks for reading regardless. Enjoying the serial a lot at the moment, some fun stuff to come as we rush towards #50. I love round numbers, so fully intend to make something of that one. Exciting.


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