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Hobson & Choi #41 - "Rush Job"

Hobson & Choi #41 - Rush Job

Hobson & Choi #41 - "Rush Job" - up now! Hobson tries to negotiate with an arsehole! Ellie and Choi try to have a conversation! The end of Case Two looms into view like a whale or something!

Another chapter I particularly enjoyed writing, hopefully that will come across in the reading experience. Big extra-long resolutiony chapter next week!

I'm trying to do a wee bit of putting the word out about Hobson & Choi, so if you want to write a review on Web Fiction Guide that'd be awesome. Or indeed any other fiction site or your own blog or whatever. If you need a guest posting slot filled, I am happy to talk H&C or related issues.

If you want to help in a less labour-intensive way, you can vote for us on Top Web Fiction, which only requires a brief captcha-fill. Everything is good.


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