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Hobson & Choi Podcast #5 - Inspiration Gestation Station

This week, Hobson & Choi both take a few steps out of their depth, ending up with them meeting an important new person in an important new place. Meanwhile, my phlegmy cough has entered a particularly annoying phase, leading to a fairly brief outro.

As promised in the show itself, the Twitter username for Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available is @1607WestEgg. Check out his tweets and podcast.

You can play the episode in the player below, download the MP3 here or subscribe on iTunes to have it thrown at you every week. Or if you hate iTunes on principle, you can point your RSS reader at our Libsyn page to get every episode.

As ever, you can read the prose serial at Jukepop Serials. September ends tomorrow and the charts/votes are tallied, so if you want to vote up a few chapters, I'd be greatly appreciative.

But whatever way you want to experience H&C, that's ultimately fine with me.

Hobson & Choi Podcast #5 - Inspiration Gestation Station by Nick Bryan on Mixcloud


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