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Hobson & Choi Podcast #3 - Doorstep Challenge

Podcast #3! It's now a trilogy! Until the fourth part next week, when we can use the weird made-up word "Quadrilogy". If we want. Anyway, what's in the show this week?

Our heroes meet a crowd of press, their first suspect and Choi finds a way to hate Subway sandwiches. All true. Meanwhile, in the back matter, I am hungover but struggling on. I also mention H&C being close to 1000 votes on Jukepop and ask people to go vote, only for it to go over 1000 literally while I was typing this blurb. Oh well. Can't complain.

You can play the episode in the player below, download the MP3 here or subscribe on iTunes to have it thrown at you every week. Or if you hate iTunes on principle, you can point your RSS reader at our Libsyn page to get every episode.

As ever, you can read the prose serial and help jack the votes up even higher at Jukepop Serials, where we've got 31 whole chapters up.

Hobson & Choi Podcast #3 - Doorstep Challenge by Nick Bryan on Mixcloud


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