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Hobson & Choi #33 - "The Long Weekend"

Hobson & Choi #33 - "The Long Weekend"

H&C #33 up now! Featuring the giant sized epilogue to the entire of Case One - more hinting and character developments than you could shake a tiny stick at.

I'm pretty chuffed with this one, hope you folk also like it. And yes, this means next week we splash into the uncharted territory of Case Two. Bloody hell.

Also, we're coming to the end of September, so if you have a second to vote for a few chapters to help us up the Jukepop monthly top 30, all appreciated. Cheers.

And meanwhile, the podcast rumbles on, we've hit episode four! Get the subscription links and such in the most recent podcast post here.

Lot of business there, I know. Hope you're all well. I'm excited by all this, I really am.


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