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Hobson & Choi #30: "All Together Now" PLUS Podcast news!

The big 3-0! Hobson & Choi #30 is up, entitled "All Together Now", and featuring big confessions and confrontations in the ongoing storyline. Not to mention some big podcast news, which I'll reproduce below.

Basically, the podcast is now up, running and launched, after some brief technical issues! Me reading an edited version of each H&C chapter from the beginning, plus notes/insight afterwards! You can find it on iTunes by either searching my name or clicking here, or if you hate Apple, you can subscribe to the RSS/grab the original files from the Libsyn page. It's also streaming on MixCloud.

Back on Jukepop, we were #14 in the August top 30! Pretty good guys, best result yet in fact. Thanks to everyone who voted. Now, hopefully with some podcast-momentum, onwards to September!


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