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Hobson & Choi #25 - "Head To Head"

Hobson & Choi #25 - "Head To Head"

The slightly-extra-sized 25th episode of Hobson & Choi is up now! It is called "Head To Head", and features a wee showdown between Hobson and Lyne. Secrets emerge!

Why is the 25th episode slightly extra sized? Because that's how they used to do it in comics, and I see no reason not to carry that torch. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who's still with me on this, reading, voting, whatever. Means a lot, I'm enjoying working on it a great deal. We hit six months of continuous publication next week, and there will probably be more speechifying then.

For now, read, vote if you would be so kind, enjoy. And follow @HobsonAndChoi on Twitter if you want more regular serial-news updates. Cheers.


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