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The Victorian Pauper Boy And The Shitty Fresh Prince - a tentative audio monologue

A while back, I recorded a few "topical" comical audio monologues - they were fun, but tiring and I'm not sure that was really my best genre. I might be doing a few things in the near future which involve recording my voice or reading live, so this seemed a good time to try and get back into it.

Ergo, below here is a 2:30 min ramble recorded on Audioboo. No attempts to compete with Twitter's timely one-liner merchants this time, just straight up ramble, hopefully mildly amusing. (And yes, when I say "straight up ramble", I mean roughly drafted beforehand in Word and recorded four times until I was happy.)

Between this and that garden video the other day, this site is becoming a veritable multimedia extravaganza.


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