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#FridayFlash: "Lawnmower Man III"

This week's Friday Flash is not really a direct sequel to the terrible 90s virtual reality movies, but does involve a man and a lawnmower. It's also quite short, because I didn't think it needed to be longer.

As ever, more Friday Flash available at the Friday Flash website, and if you fancy voting for a few chapters of my comedy detective serial, this would be a very strategically advantageous time to do so. Cheers very much.

Lawnmower Man III

“Honey, I’m just off to mow the lawn!”

“Phil, wait!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Ellie says she doesn’t want you to hurt the grass.”

“Hurt it?”

“Cut it down.”

“Okay, well, it’s seven at night, she’ll be asleep soon enough.”

“She might hear the lawnmower though.”

“Mandy, she’ll have to learn about grass decapitation eventually.”

“You could use the secateurs?”

“If you want the lawn cut one strand at a time, Amanda, you’ll have to do it yourself.”

“How about the electric carving knife? It’s like a tiny chainsaw!”

“... Actually, that does sound like fun.”

“You could pretend to be a miniature lumberjack!”

“Okay, let’s not get carried away.”


ganymeder said...

That's really funny. Great dialogue!

Beverly Fox said...

Cute and fun.

Shelli said...

Haha! Does he have a flannel shirt to complete the look? Fun story.

Nick Bryan said...

If I'd included any words of description, he may very well have been wearing flannel. Glad people liked it!

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