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#FridayFlash: "Drink More Water"

A short piece this week, as I've been preoccupied with other sundry bits, also catching up after the Easter break. Still happy enough with it, although it has a lot to live up to - last week's "Wake Me" had perhaps my best reception ever. To be fair, it was pretty good.

Whilst not writing a substantial Friday story, I have been establishing Facebook and Twitter presences for my ongoing web-series Hobson & Choi. So if you're enjoying that and would like a direct update for new chapters, as well as the occasional news or insight about it, give those a look. As ever, more Friday Flash stories available on the Friday Flash site.

Drink More Water

“Colin, what I’m saying is, you need to do more.”

“Like what?”

“Like... go out, go to the pub! Have an actual drink, not a soft drink! Go on dates! Stop working from home! Even the cinema would be a start!”

“I watch films at home, it’s fine.”

“Do you... I don’t know cook, or anything?”

“No, I don’t enjoy it.”

“Okay, what do you enjoy?”

“Quiet, I think.”

“Don’t you get bored?”


“Don’t you think that’s all a bit glass half empty?”

“Glass half what? I’m perfectly cheerful, do I seem sad to you?”

“No, but shouldn’t there be more?”

“If the glass is half empty, it’s because someone took the full glass and drank it. Maybe I’m perfectly happy.”

“Perhaps you should drink more water.”

Perhaps you should leave me alone. Perhaps now that I live away from you, I’m excited just to get the chance to do this stuff.”

Col sighed, closed the email from his mother and tried very hard to stop the imaginary conversation in his head. It was fine. She wasn’t here. There was something on TV in a minute.


storytreasury said...

Aww that's kind of sweet. and sad.

Nick Bryan said...

I know. Poor old Colin.

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