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Hobson & Choi - Chapter 5 - "Inspiration Gestation Station"

Hobson & Choi - Five chapters deep, and still funny!

Fifth chapter of Hobson & Choi - "Inspiration Gestation Station" - up now on Jukepop! Hobson VS hipsters! Choi VS dirty old men! Click here to read! Log in and vote!

Because, y'know, you can vote once for each chapter, so if new people go on there now, swish through the entire story and vote for all five parts, I'd take quite a jump up in the rankings. Just a brief glimmer of my hopes and dreams there.

And in the meantime, I already have a draft for chapter six, so the story shall continue regardless. Votes always welcome, though, as are any comments and/or feedback you might have, either here, on the serial page at Jukepop or to my email address:


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