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Hobson & Choi - Chapter 2: #HobsonVsWolf

Hobson & Choi - Part Two up now!
Hobson & Choi part 2: "#HobsonVsWolf"! The second installment of my new modern day detective online serial! Find it now on the Jukepop Serials website!

This week, Hobson & Choi might have a case - but only if they can stop arguing about their social media strategy long enough to go investigate it.

Note that you'll need to register for Jukepop to click through to chapter two and onwards. And once you've done that, you may as well click the "+Vote Now!" button for each chapter, which helps me top the charts and become the bestest. More info in my kick-off blog post last week.

And comments welcome, here or on Jukepop. I have a broad plan but there's plenty of room for input and detours.


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