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#FridayFlash - "Messages Never Sent"

Another week, another Friday Flash, and this is a fairly brief piece (because I've been busy working on my comedy-detective serial (vote for me, etc), I quite enjoy the conceit though. Maybe it's too clever for its own good, but here it is.

Messages Never Sent

Hi Bob,

I’m sorry about last night, I feel awful about it. You probably don’t believe me.



Hey, I’m feeling pretty tired, don’t know if I feel like the pub tonight. I’ll see you again soon though.

If you wanted to stay in touch, here’s my new address...

I’m sorry, I almost told you the new address, but you’ve been really weird lately.

I know I said I’ve been really tired and that’s why I got so angry, but to be honest, I just feel so bad, y’know? Like I’ve locked myself out without meaning to.

Look, is this really a good idea?

Why do I always pussy out?

Look, for god’s sake, I’m sorry you weren’t sure about me until it was over, but it’s too late, you know? Some things you can’t just take back. Get over it.

For fuck’s sake, can’t you just tell me to get over it instead of always murmuring shit and platitudes?

Goodnight, Bob. Lovely to see you earlier.


Fair enough. About time we were honest with each other.



Sulci Collective said...

really clever concept and different way to tell a story. The ultimate in unreliable narration!

marc nash

Nick MB said...

Thanks. I'm considering writing a whole novel like this to see if it drives me absolutely round the bend.

Actually, just a short story would probably do it.

mazzz_in_Leeds said...

I guess this guy didn't need the mythical app that stops you drunk texting then :-)

Nick MB said...

Well, depends what awful things he actually DID send...

Icy Sedgwick said...

What if he did send these...but to the wrong person?! There's a sequel in the offing!

Nick MB said...

There's always a sequel in the offing. Sometimes I consider going back over all the FridayFlash entries and doing some kind of "Where are they now?" series for everyone who isn't dead.

Then I conclude that might be a wee bit self-iindulgent.

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