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Twenty Thirteen And All That

So, happy new year! As you might notice, I’ve made some 2013 changes. As in, we’re now on Blogger (because Tumblr kept crashing), and the site has a new look. For anyone reading this on the RSS feed, why not go check out the new design?

(And if you’re not yet on the RSS feed, why not subscribe? It’s easier than remembering to check the site. Previous subscribers should have come across.)

Anyway. Aside from a new look website, with added staring eyeball, what else is new?


One big change, which I didn’t really plug on here much: I am now Editor of the Television @ The Digital Fix section! Yes, a promotion. I now get to write about whatever I want, or at least, whatever the TV channels dump in front of me. Also, if you desperately want to review TV for a website, get in touch. Writers always welcome.

In other news, I finished one novel, started another and my first new fiction of the year is now up on the Urban Story site – a short piece about Brixton station. I also have an array of short stories left over from my MA, which I am hoping to get out there soon.

Oh, and I moved out of South London to Walthamstow, home of East 17 and the dubious nickname “Awesomestow”. That might’ve been the biggest adjustment.

So, that was your new year news post. I might try and get the weekly writing posts going again next week, it seems a shame to have a new website with nothing on it except links to other websites. For now, hope you like the site, let me know if you spot a broken link. I have already spent quite a while trying to eliminate them, but Tumblr links are a tricky breed, they get everywhere.

Anyway. Hope the rest of you also had a fabulous new year, I know I did. May 2013 be good and joyful for us all.


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