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Idle Toy Videos on Vine

Ever curious and easily led, I downloaded Vine, a new video app owned by Twitter, aiming to do for internet video what they did for blogging - make it short, simple and doable for all.

Whether Vine will face an Instagram-style backlash, I don't know - "Now that everyone thinks they can make nice videos, how will professional video editors get work?" - but it seems unlikely. Unless the whole world decides that their wedding/birth/ransom demand videos need only be six seconds long.

Anyhow. My only use for Vine so far has been making rudimentary stop motion videos of the toys on my desk! (I'm nearly 29.)

There are two so far, more could follow, or I might think of a better use. But since this is meant to be a portal for everything I do and I'm quite amused by the second one, I'll post them up nonetheless.

Vine itself doesn't have an embed function yet, but embedding the tweets seems to work fine.

First up, a simple vanishing act, as I get used to the app.

Secondly and bestly, a very small, very sad story.

Ta-da. I hope it's reasonably obvious how I made these (tap screen, move toy, tap screen, move toy, repeat), but do comment if you have any questions. Not to mention, what purpose have you found for Vine? Has anyone made one with Spider-Man in it yet?


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