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Writing About Writing - Inevitable Introduction

Hello. I’m going to try something adventurous now on this blog where I post my writing: I’m going to blog about writing.

Well, to give myself scope, I’m going to blog about anything relating to writing or stories, incorporating book reviews and even methods of typing if I have something to say about it. The schedule is weekly on Tuesdays, to provide a small break before I post a story on Fridays.

Not that I always make the Friday deadline, imagine I won’t always make this one, but I’d like to give it a go. I miss blogging regularly, and I’ve got the mundanities of real life more or less covered on Twitter.

I’ll do an introduction here, even though a lot of my potential readership probably know who I am: I’m Nick Bryan, 28 years old, London-based, I write stories, mostly in the black comedy region, I have various novels in a few stages of half-finished, one of which might have potential, I am also (as of this writing) a short distance from finishing an MA in Creative Writing from Goldsmiths College. If you’d like to buy a longer story by me, there’s one in this anthology. There won’t be too much self-promotion, I swear.

To be honest, I would have done this long ago, but I always found myself wondering what I have to add to the “blogging about writing” field – I mean, it’s massive. I’m sure there are more blogs about writing than there are books. Or words in the Bible. Or copies of Romeo & Juliet in schools worldwide.

And here I am, largely unpublished and living in a small room. Still, now my MA is all over bar the crying (and dissertation writing, then more crying), I need an outlet to discuss these things, and I already had the website ready.

So, join me next Tuesday, when I attempt to say something about writing! (Don’t worry, I drafted the first three posts before I put this first one up, to avoid the humiliation of declaring a new blog project and delivering nothing.)

If anyone has any deep thoughts about what makes a good writing blog, let me know in the comments below. My plan so far is to write down the issues that come to me when I work and hope people give me the solution. Or at least a hearty “me too!”.


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