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Friday short story time: "Just Some Guy"

So, I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year to try and get some short stories out, and have decided that the website material totally counts as part of my word count. Therefore, I present to you the first 500ish words I wrote for NaNo.

It’s also a bonfire night themed story, because I own a calendar. Perhaps a little bit of a scary one too, maybe I’m not entirely over Halloween.

And next week, the website story routine may change a little. I’m working on something. For now, plenty more stories are available as ever. Oh, and I seem to have gone slightly crazy with Instagram lately, resulting in massive expansion to the photo category on this website. I may get over it soon.

Just Some Guy

By Nick Bryan

‘Oh, sorry, are you awake?’

‘Sorry about this. I was told the sedatives would keep you out cold, but I guess I need to have a word with the chap who sold them to me. Can you move?’

‘Twitch? Giggle?’


‘Well, that’s something, I suppose.  Sorry about the needle pricks around your wrist, it’s bloody hard to sew that close to someone’s skin. I almost used a stapler to hold the outfit in place, but then I thought, it won’t really work if you bleed too much.’

‘And I know what you’re thinking, and the pain too, but you can’t feel anything, can you?’

‘Or answer questions, sorry. I always get awkward when someone stares at me like that. But that won’t be a problem in a minute. I just need to get these boots on you and make sure the join is solid.’

‘Sorry if the wheelbarrow’s uncomfortable, I know you’re at a strange angle. Sorry, I’ll try and stop talking now.’



‘Okay, never mind. So, you’re probably wondering who I am, I suppose? Just some guy?’

‘Well, truth be told, I was watching the bonfire night fireworks last year with my girlfriend and one of them shot straight into her face. I was… slightly upset, I’m sure you can understand.’

‘So I did a little querying, stole a little paperwork and found out who should’ve been making sure the explosives didn’t blow onlookers’ heads apart.’

‘Sorry, I’m babbling. I’ll put the hood on in a second, then I won’t be able to see your eyes, and maybe I’ll  stop. But it’s been a year since then, so I’ve had plenty of time to think of something apt. Because I know you lost your job, but that didn’t seem enough. Prison would’ve been a fucking start, y’know?’

‘So, I went down to the local community centre and volunteered to supply the guy for this year’s bonfire. Apparently kids from local schools usually do it, but I kept on at them. Then I spent three months making this costume out of sacks. It has bits of straw stuck on the outside, can you see that there?’

‘Which I’m sure will be a great comfort to you. I guess I’d better give you another couple of sedative shots before we go out there, I’d hate for you to start thrashing around. And stop crying, you’ll get the neck damp.’

‘Anyway, it’s time for the hood. Just need to lift your head a little, there we go. Perfect. Now, it might get a little warm in there, I hope that’s okay.’

‘That’s a joke, did you get it? Because… actually, you know what? Now the hood’s on, I think I can just leave you be. I might allow myself the luxury of attaching that with the staples, though. A little blood should be fine through three layers of sacking.’

‘Then we’d best be on our way.’

Copyright me, please don’t steal, email me to talk about it, comments below welcome, happy Guy Fawkes night, try not to accidentally burn someone in a scarecrow. Thanks.


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