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"Blood Will Stream" - New story available in actual book!

Hi! I have news!

A medium-length story I wrote called Blood Will Stream is in a new anthology called Standing In The Kitchen At Parties, from indie publisher Deserted By Dignity. (Yes, both those names do work pretty well for me.)

The story itself is about one woman’s quest to kill her boyfriend and stream it live over the internet. And I work part-time in IT and use a lot of social networking sites, so it’s obviously going to be 100% technically accurate.

Anyway, this does mean you’ll need to spend some currency to get hold of it, but the story is 12,000 words long, so you’re getting a decent chunk of me for your money. (That’s twelve times as long as the stories I post here on Fridays.) The publisher has posted a brief preview of my part on their website.

You can buy the book from Amazon UK, Amazon US, probably other branches of Amazon too. It isn’t up for Kindle yet, but I think that’s coming. For those of you who are not made of money and don’t care about having a real book, you can also get it in PDF format from Lulu for a much cheaper price.

(Although, for what it’s worth, I have the proper book and it’s a nice package. I’m rather pleased.)

Anyway, this is a big step for me, so I’m excited. If anyone buys the book and wants to let me know what you thought, there is a comment section below, or I also have an email address.


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