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HaikWho - 2010, volume 2

In which I watch the 2010 series of Doctor Who and write a haiku about each episode. More intro text and first five poems here.

And now, the next four. Poetic spoiler warning still applies.

Vampires Of Venice

Alien fish beat
Twilight any day, Rory
over Pattinson!

Amy’s Choice

Locked in a dream,
our heroes face the threat of
deadly hay fever.

The Hungry Earth

The lizards drill up,
the humans drill down, the two
never seem to meet.

Cold Blood

Shit, does all this seem
a bit pointless? Better kill
someone just in case.

And that’s volume two. Once again, longer reviews of most episodes available on Dorkadore. Next three to follow, either Friday evening or Saturday morning, depending on whether I end up in a pub tomorrow night.

In fact, here’s a link to the next lot which I have edited in!


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