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HaikWho - 2010, volume 1

In anticipation of Saturday’s much-anticipated Doctor Who series finale, I have begun re-watching the episodes to date and, in order to provide some creative purpose to this exercise, I’ll be writing a haiku about each after I’ve seen it. As you do.

Anyway, here are the first five… (Warning: Possible vague poetic spoilers.)

The Eleventh Hour

Nerds, take a deep breath.
The Doctor is still quirky,
his hair still massive.

The Beast Below

Challenging ethics,
covered in vomit and the
Queeny From The Block.

Victory Of The Daleks

Winston Churchill big,
New Daleks pretty massive,
Pond’s skirt much smaller.

The Time Of Angels

Angels are scary,
but more harrowing is the
prospect of marriage.

Flesh And Stone

The crack swallows all,
leaving only a sense of
mild arousal.

On the off-chance you want longer, more rambling reviews, I’ve already done some for Dork Adore, which you can see here. And, yes, I’ll be off to watch more episodes shortly and the next volume of HaikWho is now available here!


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