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Birthday Daytime

I have already done an FTBD post about it being my birthday, but what the hell. This is my self-indulgent personal blog, and surely this is a great day to write self-indulgent, personal dribble.

So, I am now 26, which means I’m… perhaps clinging on to my mid-twenties by a flattened tiny hair, but it could go either way. Certainly, another year and I’ll have to admit to being “late-twenties”, and then there could well be crying.

But for now, all remains normal. I am annoyingly busy, and will remain so until the latter half of next week. But at least I’m not bored. I’ll try and remember to do a birthday photo later.

Oh, and as I’ve been saying more or less everywhere, it is Waffle Day today! (In Sweden.) Nonetheless, make sure you have some waffles.


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