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Man Vs Camera #67: The Light Is So Big And My Metaphorical Boat Is So Small

Man Vs Camera #66: Gardening At Night

Man Vs Camera #65: Glass Blur

Birthday Daytime

I have already done an FTBD post about it being my birthday, but what the hell. This is my self-indulgent personal blog, and surely this is a great day to write self-indulgent, personal dribble.

So, I am now 26, which means I’m… perhaps clinging on to my mid-twenties by a flattened tiny hair, but it could go either way. Certainly, another year and I’ll have to admit to being “late-twenties”, and then there could well be crying.

But for now, all remains normal. I am annoyingly busy, and will remain so until the latter half of next week. But at least I’m not bored. I’ll try and remember to do a birthday photo later.

Oh, and as I’ve been saying more or less everywhere, it is Waffle Day today! (In Sweden.) Nonetheless, make sure you have some waffles.

What It Means To Have A Birthday

Link: What It Means To Have A Birthday

Sorry, folks. Once again, this site is getting a little beaten down by the stress and strife that is my “real life” schedule. Well, to be more precise, my illness over the past weekend. I usually…

Man Vs Camera #64: Paparazzi

Man Vs Camera #63: Field Of Play

As the movie premieres, a review of the Kick-Ass comic book series, by me@Dorkadore...

Link: As the movie premieres, a review of the Kick-Ass comic book series, by me@Dorkadore...

Man Vs Camera #62: I Am So Tired

(Yes, I failed to do one of these yesterday. That does piss me off a bit. In my defence, I suspect I am a tad ill. Never mind, will press onwards.)

Man Vs Camera #61: Today I Slept

Man Vs Camera #60: Comic Deliveries

Man Vs Camera #59: A Big Mess

Man Vs Camera #58: Half Of The Moon

My Favourite Pogues Songs - A Spotify Playlist by, um, me.

Link: My Favourite Pogues Songs - A Spotify Playlist by, um, me.

If you want to boost your St Patrick’s Day not-really-Irishness, the above is a link to a Spotify playlist I’ve put together featuring 29 of my current favourite songs by the Pogues (and a couple by “related artists”). Enjoy. Maybe.

They Eat Leprechauns, Don’t They?

Link: They Eat Leprechauns, Don’t They?

This time, it’s St Patrick’s Day, a chance to celebrate all things Irish. Which, in practise, usually seems to mean, um, green-ness. And leprechauns. And drinking.

Unfortunately, I’ve covered

Man Vs Camera #57: Suddenly, Sunshine

Man Vs Camera #56: Super-Tray

None Of My Busyness

Link: None Of My Busyness

So, last week I moaned about how busy I am and how annoying it was. I did briefly consider whether posting this entry was a barely-concealed insult to all the people I was meant to be socialising…

Man Vs Camera #55: The Floor, Post-War

Man Vs Camera #54: High Namco Thing

Man Vs Camera #53: Brixton Tales

Bargain Control

Link: Bargain Control

Last weekend, the US branch of Amazon suffered a technical glitch. A huge selection of comics (or “graphic novels” if you think you’re too grown up for “comics”) were offered at hugely reduced…

Man Vs Camera #52: Giggle Stack

Fad-Jumping - 100 Days Vs Camera

This morning, whilst reading Twitter, I saw a tweet by Josie Long mentioning the recent end of the One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person malarkey. I was vaguely aware of this before, in fact I know someone else who was doing it, but a connection sparked in my brain this morning.

As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been reading this lovingly crafted blog at all, I have been posting a random photo a day under the tag Man Vs Camera. I’m not going to pretend this has been a fine exercise in photography, but it’s been fun at least, something to force me to take an interest in my surroundings and try to be at least slightly creative.

I’ve been numbering them. I’m now up to fifty-one. It occurs to me that there may be some crossover with the One Hundred Days thing. After all, it would be annoying to keep trying to do it indefinitely and finally have the whole thing trail off.

So, I shall strive to hit Man Vs Camera #100 and see how it makes me feel. I’m halfway there, after all. (Yes, even though the Hundred Days has now finished. Shut up. I don’t care.)

Oh, and there’s also a Facebook album which features all the pictures thus far, including quite a lot of extra ones that I thought were worth banging up there, even if I already had my daily one. Deleted Scenes, I suppose. Amusingly, that album is already at exactly one hundred pictures.

Man Vs Camera #51: Talk To The Hand

Busyness Is As Busyness Does

Link: Busyness Is As Busyness Does

Friends are like bus metaphors. You wait ages for one, then suddenly they pop up in all your writing at once, making you look like an unoriginal, cliché-peddling moron.

Sorry, that was a tangent….

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Man Vs Camera #45: Purple House

Mess And Messybility

Link: Mess And Messybility

I’ll cut to the chase on this one: I am a mess.

My personal “style” can be described as scruffy (and less politely as “homeless”, although at least I shower every day). My desk at home is a pile…

Man Vs Camera #44: Number’s Up

Man Vs Camera #43: Beer Vacancies

Review: Being Human series 2 - The End by me@Dorkadore

Link: Review: Being Human series 2 - The End by me@Dorkadore

Man Vs Camera #42: The Absence Of Tea

Quick March!

Link: Quick March!

This, here today, is the first day of the month of March. Known across the calendar for being the third month of the year, located somewhere around the start of spring and the first month in which…